please click on the above description of asp gryphon and read, word by word, what louis fuente said about his own crown jewel.

it sounds like the typical marketing blitz but if you, like me, have experienced the performance enormity of this cable then you would agree, word by word, what louis said about his cable.

"spatial presentation like nothing you have ever heard with a completely palpable, lifelike soundscape. literally an open window into your music as well as the the full potential of your system".

what brilliant words, what succinct accuracy!

what we have here is a low-key super-genius designer who is so uncompromising and perfectionist in his pursuit of excellence that if ever he goes mass-market or mainstream, he would lose every single bit of this brilliance and be submerged in the sea of mediocrity plaguing many mass-market cable manufacturers today.

i am at a loss of words, at how stage III concepts ASP gryphon, changed my perspectives in hifi. i am forever indebted to louis fuente, who opened my ears and my heart to what is possible with audiophile cables.

this is a definitive product worthy of an oscar award in hifi.

p/s my pair of asp gryphon is the first pair in asia ;-)

p/s next we will discuss the merits of kubala-sosna emotion, despite the loss

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