he calls himself the commander-in-chief; he names his biz "helter skelter" not because he likes the ride in amusement park but because he is a big fan of the fab 4.

we used to be partners in music exchange; we couldn't get along and i ended up selling the entire biz to him. but it doesn't stop me from promoting his biz here. i am a very gracious guy.

helter skelter is the biggest record stockist in malaysia, with over 40,000 pieces and still counting and what's more, he has started a blog to promote his LPs.

if anything, i respect him as a bona fide music lover with immense passion, unlike the typical posers you find among the audiophile circle who call themselves music lovers. hint hint: those who only collect audiophile-approved LPs.

so visit helter skelter today and find your treasure!

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km ng said...

Equipmentphile - those who use music to play equipment.

Musicphile - those who use equipment to play music.

Audiophile - a crossbreed of both, hopefully at least 75% of the latter.

P.S. The equipmentphile don't know it but actually, and truth be told, the equipment is playing the equipmentphile most of the time!