temperature is rising at bandar utama....

the whole shipment of the latest stage III concepts top models are waiting for me to collect. louis fuente, the designer, has specifically passed the instruction to me to ask me to audition their top-range ASP gryphon interconnect against the best that's available in malaysia. such guts, such audacity! i love it!

while hifi kaki will be bringing his AQ sky to battle out with kubala-sosna emotion...

bandar utama is going to turn into a 3-way battlefield with AQ, Kubala and Stage III all fighting for supremacy....

blood shed! i want to see blood!


juju said...


Anonymous said...

If you have the chance pls also compare against the previous top Stage 3 Vacuum Ref Gold.

Pls make sure they are all of the same length and pls report on what type connectors are used.


jaya said...

How much is the entrence fee to watch/listen?

sam said...

Maggielurva is superman and hifikaki is spiderman..

I think KS Emotion will win.2nd place would be stage 3 and Aq 3rd...Anybody wants to bet?

limkh said...

Here's my bet;

1.Stage 3


$50 on the table...

liam said...

$50 only?

Can't even get a connector for that money

Jim said...

Well it depends on what Maggielurva will be looking for.

If he is looking for that dense sound nothing rivals KS Emotion,at whatever price.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with jim again.

The system that is used in the shoot out will influence the resultant sound also. So the outcome of the shoot out will depend on personal preference as well as system used in the test.

In any case and as always, shoot out is generic and one has to try out cables in one's system.

On top of this we have palladium vs copper vs silver alloys.

heh, heh.....happy shooting.

allen t said...

when is the shootout starting.here are my rec for the music to be plkayed:

1]2VIG,Eva cassidy-vocaL

2]TEDDY ROBBINS-MAGGIE'S FAV-sheffield drum tests.

3]ELO-time for pop

5]jazz at pawnshop,miles davies

km ng said...


Our resident 5-star cable investigator par excellence, Maggielurva, has got hold of 3 top gun cables.

Reliable sources confirm he'll cut, chop, slash, amputate and dissect the cables on his aural operating hall to draw much sonic blood from them for his in-depth hifi investigations under his high power and super resolving audio microscope.

The result of the CSI (Cable Sound Investigations) will unlock the mystery of the Cable Code of each cable for the very first time.

Stay tuned to CNN (Cable News Network - pun intended), the no 1 news network of Cableland for live blow-to-blow reports of the bloody slugfest of the 3 fast-draw cables.

Maggielurva's battlecry is the loud and dynamic, "Blood Shed! I want to see B-L-O-O-D!"

Which cable will emerge, though badly battled and hoarse, as the Last Cable Standing?

Whatever you do, don't touch that dial!

Anonymous said...

Actually it matters very little as to who will be the winner as we are talking about a specific system and a person's own tastes. If you have a US3K CDP it does not make sense (at least to me) to spend US3K on a IC.

sam elliot-expat said...


Why does everything has to be evaluated in dollar and cents?

Are you one of those that seems to think that if you spend 3k on CDP,you MUST spend 3k on your speaker,3k on your amp and 30 bucks on the cables?

i hope no newbies seek advise from you ,because it is so shallow...and next time be brave enought to put your name if you say something silly like that

chong wl said...


don't be such a spoilt sport.

i know you can't afford a USD3k,IC but there's nothing wrong in dreaming!!!Cool it

ali said...

louis has earned my respect..

here is someone who put his neck where his mouth is.

Anonymous said...

You missed the (at least to me)?
I use US1K speaker cables for my US4K speakers, so what are you rambling about?
SE-Expat, come on give me break.
First time I have come across someone who advertises himself as an AngMo.

My 2 ICs together cost US1K. If I bought a US9K ARC CD7, I think I would not be opposed to using US3K ICs. Not all of us need to dream.

hafiz said...

There you go again anonymous.

Why don't you tell us about your system instead of telling us how much it cost? is that how you play your hi-fi?We are trying to have some fun here,and we would be happy if you could let us learn from you.

both Maggielurva and hi fi kaki has put in a lot of effort,and they are giving they valuable time and money so that we all can learn from each other.They least you could do is to show them some classy manners,to commensurate with your classy gearsIMO

Isn't this hobby is about sharing and enjoying?CHEERS

rp said...

let's get down to business....!st round goes to?

sam elliot-expat said...


I do not quite understand what you meant,I understand that most of the contributors are locals,so I would like them to know that I am not,and my experienced are mainly based on my experience in England so that people are aware of my bias.

There are a few of my expatriate friends that read/write actively in this blog,because we enjoy maggielurva's pieces ,and I find the people here are quite passionate and courtious,despite our diverse taste in Music/hi-fi culture.

Having said that,If You guys think that the expat community are not welcomed,I would bow out and not write again

Anonymous said...

Hey, expats and everyone are welcomed. This is the borderless world that we are in and we mingle and share in this passion regardless of our origin.

We criticize, we challenge, we shoot down......so what. It's just personal opinion.

Anyway, when do we get to hear more on the shoot out? Dun keep us waitin'....

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


i have never wanted this blog to turn into the typical hifi forum. and i don't want to be the moderator either.

while we are open to any sort of opinion, please mind your P's and Q's and be a gracious reader.

if you are opposed to spending big money on cables then please don't read this blog cos all of us are cables believers and spenders.

sam, please don't be too sensitive. the presence of expats in this blog brings diversity to the readership. and we certainly value your contribution.

i have gotten the results of the battle but i am waiting for hifi kaki to approve and validate the results before we publish them on saturday.

suffice to say, i have bought the winning cable!

limkh said...

I've increased my bet to Rm 100.00!!!!I think the winner is stage 3..

sam elliot said...

let us respect Maggielurva's wish and make this a better place.

chase said...

Agree with Ali.

Louis earn my respect too.winner or loser,to my by coming forward he has my vote.

GCK said...

Do you have RCA terminated IC for me to test it out with the Vac Ref?

Anonymous said...

Hi gck,
If you have the chance to test the new ASP against the Vac Ref, pls report back here the findings. Thanks.