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perhaps, more than anyone aged below 35, i witnessed the progression of adelphi shopping centre - the mecca of hifi in s'pore - for the last 20 years.

started in the 1990, adelphi didn't really change much even after 20 years. the serene quietness of the place, the breezy ambience of the mall, have largely remained the same over the years.

adelphi's tenant mix comprises of majority of hifi shops, beauty salons and tour agencies. it is never a happening place, even on weekends. hifi shops are never meant for masses.

the serenity of adelphi provides the perfect backdrop for audiophiles to relax and chill. the only visible movement in adephi is the constant changeover of tenancy among the hifi dealers. more than other kind of retail business, hifi shops come and go, only a few like reference audio and kingsley have been there for the longest time.

recently, one forumer in echoloft featured this particular unconventional audio shop that is doing brisk business and pulling in crowd like no other. it is not high-end audio but head-fi! jaben, apparently has its own blog and forum, where its owner shares his experiences and audio journey with his customers. it is the unique customer interaction that wins jaben a big following.

it is good to know that adelphi has finally got an audio store that caters to crowd of all ages!

mind sharing your adelphi experience with us? ;-)


Anonymous said...

We have City Square here, but on a much smaller scale compared to Adelphi.

We also have Amcorp Mall now? but also just as small scale.

Now if we can only have CD/LP shops like New Disc Village in Adelphi!!! That would be heavenly.

That's where I spend most my $$$ on, music! But I do enjoy listening to high end hi-fi too.

Keat Chong said...

fyi,jaben is lot of msia youngsters headfier must visit when visit sg.Already a hit.