What good is a pillow for your hi fi?

Sleep over it, I'll be back with the details.

Don't over sleep!

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km ng said...

If you can't afford big $$$ upgrades, you can sleep on it.

If your friend's cheaper set up beats the sh*t out of yours, you can cry on it.

If anyone gives unwarranted comments of your system, you can stuff his mouth with it.

Anonymous said...

merry xmas/boxing day maggie/leslie,

great going with your blog.

a question: how does one know when there is a new posting in one of the older entries?

thaat's just a roundabout way of telling you i've posted something in the feb 2 (i think) entry on reviewer hyperbole, for whatever it's worth!

happy new year

yours anonymously.

Panzer said...


I can always count on you to come up with something like that! Happy Holidays!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

all the comments automatically trigger an email to my email account!

there was even a reader who commented on my visit on HK 3 years ago!

so, yes, i have read it and i have responded ;-)

hifikaki said...


The feature is only available to blog owner but not to the other bloggers. I can't set my account up to receive updates automatically. :-/