how lucky can one get?

some kind soul is flying me to SG this weekend to cover the emi fujita acoustic live concert in esplanade!

not only will i get the best seat, i also get to interview her!

btw, something great is brewing and you will be the first one to know it here.

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TG Lim said...



Do us a favour;as about her hi-fi set up ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe can ask her about her divorce from Mr Fujita ;-)

kim said...


Does that mean that she is available ??

hotbird said...

Emi Fujita is close to 46 years old now, but doesn't look like it. She and her husband used to be a very popular Japanese "Sony & Cher" like duet where she sings and the hubby plays the guitar. The duet was called Le Couple and only sang Japanese songs from 1993 to 2001, when they kind of split up and she went to launch her solo career as an English cover song singer under the name of Camomile. The last Le Couple cd was released as a 10 year compilation in 2004, and they divorced finally in early 2007. She just released her first solo Japanese song album called "Drinks, Tears, a Man and a Woman" under her actual Japanese name of 藤田恵美, perhaps in reference to her personal experiences ;)


Panzer said...

Emi Fujita doesn't really looks her age at all! To me, she's still very "hot" indeed.

Lucky you ML, enjoy!

kim said...

Thank you for the story hotbird;wow sound really interesting!!!

Mikey said...

I likew Emi's selection of songs and thought that her voice is quite seductive,but she still have a lot of work to do to perfect her English pronounciations....come to think of it does anybody know any Asian singer who could do English songs well??Jacintha, maybe...but anyone else??

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


aiza seguerra from philipines has great english. check out her best-selling album "open arms".

GCK said...

Mikey, have you listened to Olivia Ong? Her English pronounciation is good. Under S2S label. You either like it or hate it.I have 3 of her albums. So you know which camp I belong.

Mikey said...

MaggieLurva and GCK;

I must plead ignorance,have heard of neither singers but certainly will check both of them up..

I discovered Sean Ghazi through this blog and thought that he should produce an English Jazz album;or has he?

please forgive this ignorant expat!!!!!