Nelson Chia, the owner of Centre Circle Audio, told me that he has taken over the distributorship of EgglestonWorks loudspeakers in Singapore. He aims to build up the dealer network as soon as possible, seeking out those who share the same enthusiasm as him for these beauties.

Centre Circle Audio has been EgglestonWorks' Malaysian distributor for 7 years. The marque has built up quite a following here, according to Nelson. It is apparently his 2nd best selling product range (after Pass Labs) and the best selling loudspeaker range. Every pair of EgglestonWorks loudspeakers that he brought in was snapped up rather quickly, and he has never had any 'dead stock' with them. Quite interesting to know, given the rather low key nature of the brand.

Contact: Nelson Chia 03-7728 2686

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maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

looking forward to more "industry update" articles from you! ;-)

Panzer said...

Hifi kaki,

Do keep us updated more frequently!

hifikaki said...

I'll be more than glad to share any info that's of interest. :-)