this time of the year, every year, i will always dig out my treasured cantate domino cd and play the "silent night" track on my system, at the same time, appreciate how great the ambience of the hall where the recording took place , how great the layering of the choir and believe it or not, at one stage of my hifi journey, i even started counting the number of members in the choir ;-) (disclaimer: don't do that if you don't have the resolution and detail, hehe)

but this year, it is different. the past 5 weeks have really been "silent nights" ever since my ARC preamp gets admitted to ICU due to a power supply problem. i haven't got a clue when it can be fixed. my house has been so queit without music, even my neighbours find it strange that the "nightly ritual" is gone for more than a good month.

during this period of "silent nights", i have been spending my time on other important things in my life, like earning more money (and saving it up), catching up with friends, soul-searching and planning for 2009. it allows me to realize that hifi is not the be-all-n-end-all of my life, eventho' i greatly miss my system, especially the problem came at a time when it was performing at its peak.

i am so glad that i have panzer and hifikaki to anchor this blog while i am "inactive". they are great writers that can give different facets to this blog.

the world is in turmoil now and i am ever grateful that i have a stable job and many fun hobbies that can bring me side income. i wish that you readers treasure the things around you - your family, your jobs, your friends, your beloved ones and even your hifi cos you don't know how bad it can get once they are out of your life.

i wish you a merry x'mas and a happy new year. i will be back.


jeff said...

wishin you a wonderful Christmas to you!

Panzer said...


You make me wanna play the Cantate Domino LP too! Something that I've been yearning to spin but just can't seem to find the time to do so in the hectic last few days.

I'd like to wish all dear friends and readers Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year!

GCK said...

Wishing a blessed Christmas to ML and everyone. Do take care while you are travelling during this holiday season.

Ken said...

Wishing all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I think what your new year's resolution should be to get a girlfriend. Hifi is nothing when compared to having a soulmate.