for those who are more music-inclined, i have started my music blog for my label, musictoxin. musictoxin's blog will talk about music that appeals to us, music with substance and quality. it will also chronicle the making of all future 2v1g and jz8 albums, and other acts under the musictoxin stable. click here.

however, i will still feature audiophile album reviews in this blog.

happy new year to everyone! may 2009 be the year where your hifi sings like a nightingale and each and every of your hifi upgrade plan approved by your other half!

i personally am very excited about 2009, despite the gloomy economy. beside the establishment of our own recording studio, we will be releasing a couple of albums and our own magazine. on the hifi front, i wll be upgrading my cdp and maybe my preamp.... it is going to be another blast of a year for us!

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Anonymous said...

pray tell what are the cdp and pre-amp you have in mind?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

for cdp, it is either meridian 808.2 or wadia 581se, both a shade under RM40K. for preamp, it is the successor of ARC ref3.

i am quite confident the upgrade will happen ;-)

happy new year to you!

km ng said...


I've not heard the Meridian 808.2. Perhaps I've heard it before but didn't notice it. Meaning...your guess is as good as mine.

Now, about Wadia 581se. This one I've heard in 3 different systems and was amazed, shocked and stunned by it. This CD player is devoid of any digital artifacts and has the resolution (in all areas), PRaT and musicality (the real type, not the mushy and coloured types) to make you want to rediscover your CD/SACD again.

Coming from an analogue guy, the Wadia 581se is the top of my digital want list. Get it for 2009 as a present to yourself. After all, money is not yours until you spent it.

P.S. You should get the latest "i" version of the Wadia 581se.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


steven ho actually told me about your adventure with the wadia. when you commented that the wadia sounded analogue, his comment was "you haven't heard a good analogue system yet!".

haha. steven ho is not steven ho if not for his forthrightness!