This is the most anticipated product arrival of the year, if you're as much of a Nelson Pass fan as me!

The XP series pre-amps replaces the very much successful X series which has been in the market for the better part of the new millennium so far. I gather the XP series still uses the Super Symmetry X circuit but with much refinements. Technical specs are pretty evolutionary as even the new entry model, the XP10 has the same, if not better spec compared to X0.2, the current yet to be replaced flagship. Based on the Technical spec sheet, the XP series should be quieter, have wider band width, improved signal to noise ratio and higher slew rate for more micro dynamics.

In keeping with the trend started by ARC Ref 3, the pre-amp gain can be user set, but should sound best with 0 gain. And lastly looks aside, the previous four button, ergonomically challenged remote(hand me down from the Aleph P) has been replaced with a direct function access unit.

Nelson Chia, the boss of Centre Circle Audio, told me that all units the first batch of entry level XP10 units that arrived have been snapped up, and only has one last demo unit of XP20 on display for now. Do hear it before it's gone too!

For more info or demo appointment call Centre Circle Audio at 03-7782 2686

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chu said...

correct me if i am wrong,but it seems that arc are the only tube amps,and the pass abs are the only ss amps that malaysians listen to

Anonymous said...

Wrong on both accounts, whatever gave you that idea?

chu said...

just the impressions i get reading here,in this blog.

i am from hong kong where we are more inclined towards european -made electronics..

what would be the the most popular then tube and ss?

Anonymous said...

maggielurva loves his ARC while Panzer loves his Pass Labs. I don't think any one brand could lay claim to being the most popular in either tube or ss. I would think it would be same in Hong Kong.

chu said...

i do not seem to read anything abt jadis or graaf for e.g ,which has quite a foowing in hk,and better than arc imo.

for ss,no karan acoustic ,lindermann,fm acoustic?

GCK said...

Chu, I love my Nagra PLL and my 211VAL tube amp. So, there is some variety, just that people do not disclose what they are having.

Panzer said...


There are plenty of varieties in the Malaysian audio scene, perhaps just not as much as in Singapore or Hong Kong.

There is plenty of Graafs and Jadis around. For every Pass Labs I see, there's probably another two Mark Levinson or Krells that I encounters. Not too long ago, Antique Sound Labs and Plinius was the rage here too.

However admitedly, Malaysians may not be as adventurous toward new brands as our friends in SG or HK.

SS Yip said...

Fully cocur with GCK and Panzer.

If anything Malaysia is the land of Mark Levinson-especially the older ones-and Krell;and certainly plenty of Jadis around.

In My travel in Malaysia{i'm fr Singapore} I have certainly have seen Karan-quite a few,actually-,Behold,Niagra-yup,plenty abound-and certainly among the best sound I've heard around{dedicated rooms are much more common in Malaysia compare to Singapore and Hong Kong}

If anythingthe Malaysians are just too humble,less show offish IMO;and you always in for a surprise when you walk in to listen.

As far as Pass Labs are concerned,i am not surprised that it has done well at all.I've had the oppurtunity to walk into Centrecircle a few months ago,and in Nelson you have one classy humble dealer ,with classy showrooms fool of Hi-fi treasures.

jACKIE said...

I think there are more Bladelius and Marten products here than anywhere in SEA.

Kharma,Avantgarde ,odeon and dcs are just as popular,

As far as ARC is concerned ,what can you say?One of the besty companies in Hi Fi iME