See how close the battery pack is to the RCA plugs?

This came from a fellow reader whom also uses an AQ Colorado 72V DBS, just like me. He noticed that the distance between the RCA/XLR plug and the DBS battery box does influence the sound somewhat and can be used as a final system fine tune. This tweak applies to any AQ interconnects with DBS new or older models, ranging from an AQ Jaguar with 12V DBS to the Sky with 72V DBS system.

Note the plug at where the DBS lead is connected to, via a pin connector to the battery box. The said lead could be anywhere between one to two inches long, depending on the age and model of your AQ DBS interconnect. Apparently, if you move the DBS battery box closer to the RCA/XLR plug, you should get a more well rounded, natural and organic sound. Move the battery box further away, and the sound becomes a little more focused, but does add a little edge to the outline of the imaging properties.

In my already somewhat tonally warmer balanced system, I preferred the latter qualities. However two other people I shared this tip with said they preferred to keep the battery box as close to the RCA/XLR plugs as possible. I think what ever the outcome, at the very least, you have another fine tuning option that doesn't cost a penny! The usual caveat applies, YMMV.

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A.saw said...

YTou could do the same with Ferrite ring in non dbs cables.

kiarch said...

Precisely said. This tips not only apply to interconnect but to digital Firehawk too. The results are quite similar. The tips was from me originally.

But do watch-out for saturation to clog-up, so even with DBS, you need to discharge, unlike what has been claimed.

Kevin said...

"so even with DBS, you need to discharge,"

Kiarch,what does that mean;is it the same as demag?

Thanks in advance..

Panzer said...


Thanks for verifying the original source of tip to us. It is much appreciated to have you share with us.

Kevin, I think what Jo meant was to have the DBS batery box unplugged for a day or so every now and then, an replug. This will sort of re-set the charges within the positive charge and the drain wire. Just like re-seting your computer, by swithing it off, wait 30 seconds, then switching it on again. I can only hope I had interprated Jo's advice correctly.

Zack said...


the tip you describe work wonderfully for CDP too;in fact quite wonderfully..

bolt said...

unplugg as described above, demag,antistatics are parts of 'rejuvenations' process that are needed for all your components..your electronics need to get rid of too much 'memory'i.g junk that get accumulated.

Anonymous said...

All of you are either gods or ghosts. Perhaps all of you can try some nuclear source or bomoh magic to improve the sound system next. All the hifi designer can all pack up and go home based on your wild theories!

kiarch said...

Panzer, you have got me absolutely spot-on; simply unplug the interconnect and left it for a while would have done the trick quite handsomely.

If you try to walcro the DBS onto another pair of i/c, it imparts some strange sonic characters too. Good or bad, is subjective.

Another interesting tips; due to weight with the DBS, please experiment by lifting the weight off the RCA, by means of stringing it or prop from below, you will be amazed how good this simple effort can make!

To anonymous, we are not playing god or ghost, just a bunch of nuts in between. And lighten-up, this is for fun only.

Merry Christmas to all.