some of my audiophile friends are comtemplating this purely because of srajan ebaen's article.

not one to believe hype, i will adopt a wait-n-see attitude.

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Boz said...

Knowing Srajan,I think you are wisa to wait.He has veryfew equals when it comes to Hype IMO

AliK said...

the proof of the pudding is in the eating............and the truth of the cablesis audiotioning them in your system.Listen to hype at your peril

Jones said...

well LFD audio hand made cables are the new big secrect.Made by the same company that engineered the LFD intergrated amp that Sam tellig raved about..Very,very elusive and hard to get though.

Weiss said...

My experience in using Frank Tchang's products,namely Acoustic System room Resonators and tuning feet;

1.they always add something to the sound;the Tuning feet is more in the camp of combak/harmonix as opposed to Finite elemente/symposium rollerblock camps.

2.Hard to work!!!!careful matching are always needed.

I suspect the cables would be good for people with SS systems wanting to tame them using cables as tone control.YMMV

3.I've sold both the feet and the resonators;can't say I agree with his approach

GCK said...

I agree using the resonators is hard work. But with guidance and tips from expert/guru, life is much simpler. I don't have experience with the tuning feet. Still using SM diamond resonators. But the room tuning resonators definitely works wonders for me.
Weiss, how many resonators you bought (how many basic,silver,gold?). Can you share more in detail what was the problem you faced?

Weiss said...

I used 2 silver and 2 gold for my living room cum 'listening ' room for my NY city apartment.To be frank ,I was hoping it would free me of using any form of acoustic treatment at all.

The biggest problem?different kind of music needed different sort of arrangement,and if not put properly you could end up with serious ringing in the ears!!!

anyway my frien had good results using a few of the platinum ones in his dedicated l;istening room in Oregeon;but they are by no means cheap..

Anonymous said...

Why would someone who uses Stage III even think of such a cheap alternative?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous at 3:21pm

not for buying, just for recommending to the readers here. i don't think there are many cables than can beat my stage III.

GCK said...

Weiss, thanks for sharing. As for myself, I got good advice from the dealer from start, like how many to get for a start, where to place and effects of different area of placement.

I started off with 2 basic and 3 silvers. My main problem was bass too much in a small room. So the 2 basic goes to the centerline of the listening room on the floor. One in the front wall (behind the speakers) and the other at the back wall (behind the listener).
One silver is put at center front wall about 10 to 15 cm from the tweeter level. The other 2 are place at the bottom corners of the front wall.
Adjusting the corner resonators lower to the floor will get less bass and higher from the floor, more bass. Start from about 6 inches from the floor and work your way down by 1/4 to 1/2 inch at a time. Fine tuning will later can be by 1/8 inch at a time.

Placement of the cup on the wood must be at the cup opening tilted to the wall and the widest gap between fins facing the room.

1 platinum and 1 gold is enough for a room. Do not need so many. But due to budget constraint, I did not get either one but substitued it for silver instead. Platinum position should be at the top of the front wall centerline. and gold should be at the center of the front wall.

I choose some tracks with heavy bass to gauge where am I in the tuning process. Obviously, certiain CD with less bass energy will not have much bass after you got the CD with higher bass energy tamed.

These are some of the tips my dealer taught me, there are more, but it will maybe bore you as you are not using it anymore.

I do not need to use any acoustic treatment in my room after using the resonators.

And I believe the Lifeline IC also will give me some surprises, judging from the way the resonators did to my system.

Weiss said...

Not a bore at all, and thank you so much for sharing!!

For me it was the same; hoping to get rid of all those unattractive room treatment....

in my case, ithink i lacked patience and perseverance;my friend call me a lazy audiophile

GCK said...

Weiss, no problem in sharing at all. I am glad u find it useful even though you don't use them anymore.
By the way, if you do have friends who wants to sell either gold-special or platinum resonators, do let me know through my email;