I have wished for the Benz Micro Glider L2 to be in my vinyl set up for some time now and thought it would be nice to end the year on a higher note!

For some funny reason, I am very attracted to it's nude, open body construction. I guess you can say the same about the fairer sex too! Hmmm......

In retrospective, 2008 has been a kind, rewarding and progressive year for me on the hi-fi front. It was the year that saw me switched from tube to solid state pre-amps, I've never had solid state pre-amps before. I've always admired the Pass Labs X2.5 since it made it's appearance here in 2003, but could never quite afford it. Also managed to get my self a good and effective PLC after a few months of auditions. I also re-did my room twice, more than any other time in the last five years.

But this must, mostly be remembered as a year of entering the high end cable search. I've never swapped so many cables before this. And finally ending the year with my recent purchase of the AQ Sky and now the Benz Micro Glider L2. I'll post later, about it once the break in time is achieved.

But most profound to me at least, was to have more hi-fi friends. I also wish to thank all my hi-fi buddies and sifus whom have chipped in to help me advance my sonic rewards. Finally, must thank hifikaki and especially maggielurva, for allowing me, to share my thoughts on this blog. It's been really mind opening for me.

And lastly, a big thank you to all the readers for sharing your kind, "desirable thoughts" with me.

Will be back next year, hopefully with more toys to report, and better hi-fi ideas to share.

Wishing all a "Happy and Bountiful 2009!"

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km ng said...



You and your music will "glide" into 2009 with ease with your new purchase - the tinest of toys.

Just be careful with that tiny protruding willy (sorry, pun not intended) in your new toy.

I have broken one before during installation.

Ouch! I can still feel the pain now.

GCK said...

Panzer, congrats on your new upgrades. The Glider is a very good cartridge. The new power supply with adjustable spped also must have improved your TT quite a lot.
As for me, my hand was itchy and took up Adrian's offer to listen to the Ambient. It is now setup and running very well in my place. Looks like it is going to stay there for a long time.

Have a good 2009 year ahead and may the hifi journey a satisfying one.

Panzer said...


Thanks for the thoughtful reminder. Everyone I spoke to about it told me the same reminder. It really does look venerable! My friend just broke one the previous year while wiping his turntable with a piece of cloth.


WOW! Big upgrade! Congrats man! Now will surely wanna visit you a.s.a.p! Sorry did not chat longer yesterday, have to rush off.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i thought i am always a big spender on all things hifi. looks like you and hifi kaki have beaten me in the frequency of your upgrades!

you and hifi kaki have been doing well in my "absence". i will be back to "compete" with you two soon ;-)

Hafiz said...


I think the blog has become better with your contributions.I haven't met you before, but reading your writings here I could guess what sort of person you are;thhoughtful,sincere, kind,honest very hardworking and verty very classy..

A happy new year for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations.Without you this blog won't survive.The money you spent is good,keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, another upgrade. Thought you said u had most everything. Looking at the Benz micro, must be a formidable piece of toy. Congratulations.

Panzer said...

Hafiz & Anonymous 4.06pm,

Thank you for your support. Will continue to do my best for you.

Anonymous 5.01am,

I said "most" things not "all" thing yet! So there's room for improvement, somehow, there always will be, like it or not.