a certain company (obviously with good tastes) has decided to appoint 2v1g to endorse one of its product, which is targeted at discerning adults with refined tastes and who value lifestyle living.

the client chooses 2v1g because they think 2v1g's music is classy and appeals to both the chinese educated as well as the english educated crowd. they also think 2v1g's image is healthy and clean. more importantly, 2v1g is an all-malaysian product!

this is the first time that the client is associated with music in their marketing and branding.

when the time is right, we will reveal the client's name!


GCK said...

Ha ha don't tell me it is Lever Brothers. The Colgate add could be the hint! hint!

Anonymous said...

Lever Brothers has nothing to do with Colgate-Palmolive.

GCK said...

Sorry, my mistake. Got confused. Colgate-Palmolive it is..