This is an introductory post for those whom are wondering, "who is this fella?"

My system was featured in the September 2008 home visit by hifikaki and maggielurva. That kinda give an idea about my system set up.

From a very young age, I was fascinated by sound, more so when good music of the day was played thru a superb sounding rack system of the time. We are talking about songs like Mickey, Staying Alive and Woman in Love. That gave away my penchant for 70's music.

Since then, like today's I-pod generation, I was inseparable from my Walkman. I was living in the UK during my teens and the hi-fi scene there was really hot. I ditched my Walkman as soon as I had enough moolah to hop on to the hi-fi bandwagon. I somehow think, perhaps, some of the I-pod users today will be tomorow's hi-fi customers, in one form or another.

During my youth, I was distracted by other curiosities that seem more appropriate then, namely that shiny fast wagon and the desire to find consensual mating partners. For a short span of time, I was even in to AV systems and hi-end computer speakers.

The shiny fast wagon was getting heavier and slower by the day, when I started loading it with pre amp, power amps, speakers and sub woofer boxes. I came full circle the day my wagon become my mobile music room.

In the last few years my hi-fi fever has taken a life of it's own. What started as a modest system consisting of Marantz CD63SE CD player, Denon PM680R integrated amp and a pair of B&W DM620 speakers in the room during year 2003, evolved in to what you see in the September home visit featured. And I thought I could be musically satisfied in year 2003!

In my free time, I also dabble in to the DIY areas of high end audio, only for the fun of learning from the building process.

I love all kinds of music, never language or genre driven. I guess you can call me the DBKL of music.

That's it, a short introduction for those who do not know what Willy or a.k.a. Panzer is about.


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

show some photos of you la ;-)

jimmy said...

again, i wish i can acquire some of your writing skills.

hafiz said...


looking forward to learning more from you.


hey ,you seems to know where the talents are hiding

km ng said...

Hi Willy,

Very nice write up.

Now I know who's Panzer.

For those who don't and wanna get an idea.

Think of the German Panzer tank.

You'll get the approximate size.

A tank of a man with lots of firepower from the heart.

The warm and cheerful kind of firepower.

sam elliot said...

i fully agree with hafiz.

the standard of writings in this blog is extremely high and credible.

it is as good as any of the major web based hi fi publications anywhere in the world.

and mr panzer has shown considerable talent in writing .

Anonymous said...

Panzer has been around the Malaysia forum scene for a while now. And of course, with some other nicknames.:p

Panzer said...


A bit shy lah!

haifz & Jimmy,

Thanks for the kind words.


You always had to know about things, don't you? You're right about the Panzer tanks, I admire the way the Germans utilised them Panzer Divisions to maximum advantage during the early days of WWII. Howvever that doesn't mean I agree with Hitler or Nazi's actions during the era. I am just a very avid fan of the History Chanel.

Anonymous 9.54pm,

Hey! I gotta practice somewhere first, right?