it is not likely that i would be tempted by meridian g08.2, now that i am still paying installments for my stage III gryphon.

from the picture, the slot drive looks awkward and not so elegant, i wonder what's the improvement brought about by this change. i have lost touch with the dealership for meridian in malaysia. time to call up steven ho of absolute hifi for some updates.

and by the way, we are building a recording studio in nzx commercial area, near to where audio creations is. we may call it "meridian studio" too, cos' it sound cool and international.

it is going to be an audiophile-grade studio in malaysia, altho' we won't splurge on mega-buck equipment yet.

my plan for 2009 is to release 3 major audiophile titles, including the much-awaited 2v1g's 2nd album.

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