retail convenient store, 7-11 in hong kong, has started retailing music cds.

i would be excited if this happens in 1980s. shouldn't they have done it 10-15 years ago when cd was still popular?

people stopped buying cds not because of inconvenience or lack of time to go to cd shops.

having said that, i have no violent objections to this move but it is not gonna help the dwindling industry.

just look at the pathetic state of music stores in malaysia, particularly tower records in 1-U. give it another year or two, it will disappear from this earth.


jeff said...

usually get my stuff in Singapore (HMV & Borders)
I can't get anything here in JB!

GCK said...

Now I am buying my stuff from HMV Japan. Local pressing don't sound as good as the Japan pressing.
Yes it is dwindling industry alright, the new generation just don't buy CDs anymore. They listen to MP3.

CP Chee said...

I think the stores should focus more on Us The Audiophiles.we are the ones crazy enought to spend that kind of money when you can download for nothing

asthley said...

as va custumer i want what I perceive as something that provides good value for my hard earned money..

for the longest time we have been taken for a ride with overpriced overhyped and inferior recodings..

Now is the time when you put a lot of effort with good recording people[like me would be happy to spend..

as they say ,the ball is in the eir court..

gamael said...

well i think they will just sell britney spears and paris hilton stuff...

Ken said...

I feel music stores should learn to evolve. They should sell what the customers want.
If customers are looking for mp3 or downloads, they should be able to sell those legally at a reasonable price. They should also learn about music to cater for consumer of different tastes. More oftrn than not, when I go to a music shop, the assistants don't know how to recommend or don't have a clue what is happening.
Most of the time, I go to Spore to get my cds. The reason is because they are cheaper and much more plentiful choice to choose from. Do any of you know that Teddy Robin is still not available in Malaysia?

dr K said...

I fully agree with Ken.

that is why I think the best music store in Malaysia is Rock Corner ,bangsar...

the dude at that counter sure know his stuff.Nowadays I just walk up to him and ask for recommendations without even listening,i still buy about 5 cds in a month..

Keat Chong said...

They just mimic taiwan, in fact you can order cd on line in taiwan and collect it in 7-11 near by your home(since the online store and 7-11 owned by same corporate).How's smart!

The failure of tower records is anticipated.They try to embrace the crowd which consist of mostly casual music listener. These group of peoples follow hype and trend and sadly to be success, you need lot of those few albums wonder. :)

Somehow what we need is small music store with style and professional staffs. I'm not sure Rock Corner is one of them as I think they only better for bring in cd in faster speed which is important in pop arena. I still hope for a store who major in jazz/classical cds.

One observation in tower records klcc, their staff played 80-90 musics instead of their latest offering prove they do not have market sense.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


exactly what i have in mind. i still have this dream of owning a boutique record shop selling niche titles.

the rest,
i don't think any record store in malaysia qualifies to be "good" in my book.

Anonymous said...

What about Love Music in Ampang Park?

I once heard that if you can't find a title in LM, it's not in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Love Music in ampang imo more interested in earning your money rather than music. It's pricey. I lazy to friend with them to get discount.So nowaday I do not buy any. The only cd i bought are Radiohead in rainbow and 2V1G.

almost dead now said...

no need wait 1 or 2 years,

the HK Chinese CD is almost dead now, dun believe browse thru Tower Record at 1 U.