lo and behold, the first joint-investment by several audiophiles (maggielurva, hifi kaki and ck) has finally arrived with the added penalty of a RM500 custom tax! ooouch, what a pinch on the wallet!

we are talking about none other than the long-awaited audiodharma's cable cooker!

the cable cooker is physically lightweight and if you judge on its physical attributes, it is certainly not worth its RM3K asking price.

but who cares, we are cooking a feast already. first on the list to be cooked is of course the stubborn stage III concepts gryphon interconnects.... all are invited to maggielurva's first cable feast!

we shall report on our culinary experience tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

500.00 cutom tax!!!that is robbery

LL said...

are you cooking tom Yam or what?

Don't you think 24 hours a bit too sooon ?

Ryan said...

Itr would be nice if you could give a review.

Since you bought this at full price ,nobody could say anything.And you site has been a good source for review of products not typically found in the Hi-fi magazine...[Eg Stage 3ics etc..]

Anonymous said...

If you are a reviewer and don't have the time to wait Ok this device would be really useful but otherwise what's the hurry? Why the need for this? How often you even change cables?

hafiz said...


i think the merits of this device has been elucidated before in previous posts..

you can search the archives and see what the other users [inc myself] has said.

in essence,if you believe in Cables{yup,some people don't]This device,at least to me ,is something you can't live without

Anonymous said...

So Maggielurva, will you be providing cable burning service for a fee?

Anonymous said...

anyone looking for a cheaper alternative can consider the Frybaby..


US$39 for the kit.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

my gryphon is 90% broken in so another 24 hours will suffice.

you bet i will.

anonymous at 3:07pm,
after from expediting the breaking-in process, it is also supposed to improve the performance of already broken-in cables because it will feed extreme signals which normal equipment are not capable of generating.

anonymous at 10:26pm,
yes, probably at RM100 per cable or whatever you think is reasonable. i will announce it in due course.

GCK said...

I heard the cable dish is cooking very well. Taste yummy. Going to cook mine this weekend. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
Periodic cooking of entire cabling in the system every few months will help maintain the system performance at tip top condition. Not necessary new cables need cooking.