introducing jim smith's (US distributor for avantgarde loudspeakers) latest book titled "get better sound"...

why i think this is a great book is because jim smith hits the nail on the head by stating all the relevant issues plaguing audiophiles, especially those who are not getting a good sound:

"in all my visits to audiophiles' home - to my great suprise - i have never encountered one system that was performing anywhere near its potential. in fact, very few were performing at even half of the performance of which they were capable!"

"and yet the common denominator among their owners was the question - "what about upgrading to XYZ component?"

"but their priorities were misplaced. there was no need to spend another dime on components until they had gotten their system optmized to "play the room""

exactly my sentiments. but not all audiophiles are bent on upgrades all the times, especially malaysian audiophiles. some just don't know how to max out their systems because they don't know how far their systems can go. they don't have a reference.

go buy this book!

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