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the test of the pudding is in the eating, why not give furutech a listening ear and judge for yourself?

eugene (012-3222698) of audiomatic, amcorp mall has brought in a wide range of furutech products to suit various budgets. and he is delighted because he finds good performance in them.

below are some of the products he brought in:

Reference series cables:

  • power reference III-N1 power cord
  • audio reference III-N1 interconnect (XLR)
  • speaker reference III-N1 3m/pair speakar cable
Evolution series cable:
  • evolution power cord
  • evolution audio interconnect (XLR+RCA)
  • evolution speaker cables
Power Distributor
  • e-tp60
  • e-tp60/20
  • e-tp609
well, eugene is a man of few words and a very down-to-earth sort of dealer. he won't make bold claims if the products aren't any good. in short, i trust him ;-)


Anonymous said...

Furutech is actually Taiwanese...

Anonymous said...

The Furutech Connection - "My boss Ken uses to source Furutech to manufacture the RTP-6 (the first version of our power distribution box) and the RWL-1 (the first version of the RWL-3) in [b]Taiwan[/b]. Furutech was also licensed to sell the RD-2. We eventually began to manufacture the power supply box and diffusor panels in Japan ourselves (which was the RWL-2).The Furutech version of the RWL-1 was awarded at the CES last year. Furutech also developed a Schuko version of the power supply similar to our own so there is some overlap, even the naming of the products is similar. We eventually changed certain licensing agreements, including the power distribution box and the RD-2. Furutech retains a lot of stock for the RWL-1 and LP DeMag so those sales continue under their own branding for the time being. As you see, Acoustic Revive and Furutech have collaborated for many years and as our brand becomes more established, we're producing more and more ourselves." - Aki Monobe of Acoustic Revive

Information from

Furutech used to be the Taiwanese OEM for Acoustic Revive and a few other Japanese companies. Later they set up an office in Japan to become a joint Japan-Taiwanese company mostly licensing Japanese products to OEM worldwide. Eg they license the Destat and LP-Flattener from ORB and the power distriutor from Audio Replas

chad said...

Acoustic Revive to me makes the most overhyped products in the history of hi-fi;

1]RR-77 the so called Schumann resonator.I bought one;didn't hear the difference ,they say buy another one;cant hear the difference either!!!I end up returning both .My friends had similar experience.

2]The RGC-24 grounding conditioner.In Japan ,the housing electricity comes without 'ground'.Hence it makes sense to have the virtual grounding.So many audiophile has been fooled[including me]

all I can say is do believe any hype.Listen for yourself.it is better to save money tofor meaningful upgrades than waste 'small' amount on tweaks that iare just placebos.

The good thing is I have become wiser.My japanese friends say I do not understand the Japanese 'marketing' strategy .Now I do.You can't make a Honda into a BMW

Liow said...


Does that means that Panasonic is actually Malaysian?

My panasonic TV is made in Malaysia.Using your logic Panasonic is actually malaysia

Ken said...

I was just wondering if Furutech OEM'ed for Wattgate?

Anonymous said...

Some people cannot hear the difference between cables, or power cords, so for them, no accessories is neccessary, a mini-compo will suffice in most cases

Anonymous said...

Wattgate is OEM by Marinco

Anonymous said...

In fact there's a price difference between Panasonic made in Japan products and made in Malaysia products?
If made-in-Malaysia Panasonic is the same as made-in-Japan Panasonic, there's no need for this price premium and why there's still demand for made-in Japan models despite made-in-Malaysia is much cheaper. Same goes for Pioneer, Sony and other brands of products made outside of Japan

Anonymous said...

If Furutech is a pure Japanese innovative brand, there's no need to license other products from the real Japanese manufacturers and rebrand it as their own. There's also no need to hire Jonathan Scull in the US to market and do the branding for them...
After true gold should shine on its own.

Anonymous said...

Oops, last sentence should be
"Afterall, true gold should shine on its own"

TB Wong said...


I think Chad has brought up a valid point..

Majority of the people that own the Schumann claimed[At least here in Malaysia]they can't hear any differenc,or the difference is just too subtle...

I read with interest and found it funny that anybody that report a negative experience with any Acoustic Revive products normally get whacked and insulted to the bones..[try Echoloft forum]

Perharps there are Cyber-Yakuza hired by Acoustic Revive,lurking around everywhere?

BK Lee said...

I look up at the history of Acoustic Revive and found that They started off by making "slab' for building before the company went banckrupt and started selling 'snake' oil....

I supposed you need to have background in making buildings before you could 'claim' to be an immovative hi-fi company.

Now,why doesn't Phua Choo Kang start making Schumann resonator???

Ken said...

Anonymous of 4.36pm

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Funny, the topic is on whether Furutech is a Japanese company. If you think it is, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Well Furutech is in the same shoes as Acoustic Revive, so I guess another Furutech is just as guilty of marketing snake oil.

chit said...

Some people cannot hear the difference between cables, or power cords, so for them, no accessories is neccessary, a mini-compo will suffice in most cases

4:35 PM

Is this Acoustic Revive cyber Yakuza? ;)Common,you could hardly compare cables than most things Acoustic Revive produce...It is like comparing apples and durian

chad said...

I actually think that Furutech is a much more creadible company than Acoustic Revive.

I do not see them going into 'ground 'conditioner and the likes.They seems to stick with power products and seems to be quite successful .

Anonymous said...

Are you sure cables are not snake oil? It's considered the top snake oil product in many audiophile snakeoil websites

Here's the most very popular one


Anonymous said...

It's more the case that Furutech could not license any more Acoustic Revive products rather than stopping short of making products for them. If not, they would not have gone on to license ORB Destat, their LP Flattener, and even at one point in time they were talking to Franck Tchang's Acoustic Resonators to talk licensing deals

Anonymous said...

Talking about Furutech cables used to be distributor of Furukawa cables in Japan until Furukawa cut them off.
"In 1988, a group of individuals formed Furutech, a non-affiliated private enterprise, and approached the
electric giant and became the worldwide distributor of the Furukawa PCOCC cables. In the years before
2000, Furutech has begun researching into developing its own refinement technology diligently, with the
goal of advancing the performance properties of the PCOCC technology. Thus, when Furukawa Electric
discontinued sales of its own PCOCC cables eventually in 2000, Furutech showed its confidence in the
PCOCC technology by introducing their own “Two-Stage α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing
Process” and applied it to the Furukawa™ Single Crystal Copper."


So you can see almost everything that Furutech had came originally from someone else ;-)

chit said...

anonymous ;
Most audiophiles accept cables as important.the same cannot be said about the Schumann and grounder and what have you

chit said...


using the same arguments as above,none of the Ayre products are made by them...

Anonymous said...

Acoustic Revive is not the only one making such Schumann resonance device, Quantum Resonance Technology is also one of them based on similar principles. Nordost in fact now license QRT to make their own expensive Quantum QX-2 and QX-4 mains purifier


I guess by slapping designer labels on them, they can sell lot more expensive than QRT/Acoustic Revive etc.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, for the best example is XtremeAV making and selling their own version of Tourmaline gun based on Acoustic Revives Rio5 Deionizer. They call it The Music Gun. Of course they work, otherwise why copy ;-)


chit said...


The Quantum purifiers are different from Schumann Resonators;and AR is not the first company to make such device[schumann].


the same with Tourmaline negative ions generators..

what AR does is put a lot of fancy marketing jargons in....Hype it up and $bingo$

What AR

Anonymous said...

Well, you can tell that to Lil'KC, he' think's otherwise.


Anonymous said...

QRT is just Schumann in disguise, they are just using the same principles and hyping it up, worst than other company I know. At least AR tells the truth that's its Schumann at work

lawson said...

I always thought that the Quantum purifiersuse quantum Physics ' principal that minimized the extreme frequencies from moving too fast[i'e making them more coherence]

The Schumann OTH works at specifics frequency ...

I thought the Quentum purifier was trying to copy Bybee's work.

CJ Chan said...

who is Lil Kc?

Should I care what he Think? he seems to hype up alot of things

Anonymous said...

The early predeccesor of Nordost Quantum.


Stierhout says the black box "uses two oscillator/transmitter hardware platforms to generate a small electrical field at specific frequencies to induce a qualitative change in the external fields." Two oscillators offer greater electrical signal stability/integrity, meaning greater clarity and musicality.

I don't see what they don't just call it Schumann, but hype it up as QRT?

Anonymous said...

Bybee's Quantum Purifier has nothing to do with QRT which is based on emanating a set of frequencies not unlike Schumann

Anonymous said...

Lil'KC used to be one of the esteemed reviewers on Desirable Audio Boutique until he left Malaysia for greener pastures.
Check very early blogs and you find his name there. He also writes for Enjoythemusic under his real name.

Anonymous said...

Tourmaline and crystals does work in audio, and too bad, many think it's new-agey snake oil. The secret behind Shun-mook is actually a red crystal embedded inside the ebony wood.

Anonymous said...

Here's from the archives


zie said...

.....and we trust you,maggieurva.

any review of the cabes coming up

Anonymous said...

Think the new title of the update is much less controversial. Kudos for the quick thinking