ck's method of cooking audio magic PLC and power cord(s)

ck's message to me:

Hi Leslie, here is a photo of how the PLC is connected to the cooker plus 3 power cords.

After listening, the improvement is so much. Now there is more weight and the highs are more extended and bass is more springy.

I have recooked all the power cords and PLC for aonther 24 hours to see if it can further improve.

It's getting really exciting!
hey, ck, i am happy for you!


Tim said...

A picture paint a thousand words,now I get it!!!

thanks.Do you think it is Ok to cook all typoes of PLCs{I have a shunyata V-ray]

Ric Lee said...

Goodness gracious...

Is it really true ? Looks like we haven't been listening at our cablings at its best??

horge said...

Thaqnks for the pic..

I was trying to figure out all these daisy chain I get it

Anonymous said...

I fail to see the logic in using something that was designed for speakers to cook power cables. Think about it 12V 100Hz to 16Khz compared to the actual of 240V, 50Hz.

Anonymous said...

It may be cooking the insulation rather than the conductor itself. That is why the need to re-ccok after a while.....i guess.

Audioquest does similarly using batteries.

If it works, then it works.

Anonymous said...

Does ot mean that if you use Audioquest, then no need to cook?

Karl said...

audioquest has its own version of the cable cooker.It doesn't work as well as the Audiodharma,even on AQ own cables..That has been my experience instead

Anonymous said...

Tim, should be OK I guess.

In my case, first 24 hours is good. The sound open up, but next 24 hours, the sound become worse. It was dull (rolled off highs) and not focus. I let it rest for one day and last night I listened to it. All I can say is the sky cleared up and the thunder clouds has gone away and a bright morning ray of sunlight is shining through. The hihs are coming back by the hour I listen to it. Tonight I expect to see more improvement.