i met sunil, an indian expat who has just migrated to kl, at eugene's audio matic at amcorp mall yesterday.

sunil told me he reads my blog 3-4 times a day and it is thru my blog that he discovers the furutech dealer. at that time, i was totally outraged by something i read in the local chinese hifi magazine which i picked up in eugene's shop. so i was at the two extremes of emotions - elated that i have an appreciative reader and outraged that someone has been launching vicious attacks on me time and again.

thanks, sunil, for all the nice words you said. it is readers like you that make me enjoy my blogging. i also have plenty of appreciative music lovers who told me they love the music that we do because they are sick of the thrash in the market today.

i try not to get into the politics of hifi but sometimes the best form of defence is attack. even our mr. nice guy abdullah badawi will attack back if he is provoked beyond his threshold of tolerance.

at the end of the day, i picked up two very good CDs which really really lifted my day from a mediocre one to one which is musically blissful.

music is a powerful therapy. and in gloomy times like these, we really should find solace in music.

i will be back with more hifi this week.


km ng said...


I'm glad to note you have got it out of your system.

If we respond to every rubbish thrown at us, what will we become?

Rubbish bins!

Best if you don't even read his writings. Not worth the time and effort.

If you need to respond, a simple one liner like this will do.

"The dog is barking at the moon again."

He'll know.

sunil said...

Hi Leslie

At the outset, my sincere apologies; I owe you a tea or coffee! If you remember, you told Eugene that he owed you a tea since a customer (me) bought something from him based on the recommendation you made in your blog. I clean forgot about it and only remembered when I was well on my way home. Anyway, I do hope I can make amends when I meet you next.

You are very kind in having mentioned me in your blog; I was rather taken aback (shocked?!) at seeing my name and then most pleasantly surprised that you mentioned having met me. Believe me, I was really happy at having met you after wondering how to get in touch with you these past few months!

I can understand your feelings at being targetted unfairly. For folk like me, reading the articles in the blog is a real educative experience, and I admire the fact that you and your friends spend so much time and effort writing the articles. At the end of the day, it's all about sharing your knowledge and pleasure that you get out of appreciating real good music and allied audio gear. Please do not let people put you off with their negative comments. I'm sure there are many who read the blog and benefit from it, like I do, and sincerely hope that all of you will continue to keep this forum alive.

When I was in India, I was a member of a forum of owners of Cadence audio products (India's only manufacturer of good audio eqpt, and I believe one of the partners currently owns a significant chunk of the Siltech equity - incidentally, they use Siltech for the internal wiring of their products), where everybody posted their thoughts and ideas. There were a few members who did not own any products but shared their knowledge and resources. It died out after a while and I was saddened as the one source of honest audio experiences for me ended! When I came to KL last year, I found your blog and have been a regular reader since then!! I do sincerely hope you continue to build on the success you have achieved so far. I would love to help out, but do not know how I can do so!

On an aside note, with the modest eqpt I have, I was thrilled to discover the beauty of a valve pre amp for the first time (I bought the Furutech power cord from Eugene for the pre amp). I always felt that my speakers were not performing to the level I had heard when I demoed them. I need to acquire a decent CDP and power amp, which I hope to do in the next few days/weeks! Have to take into account - WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

All for now. Apologies for the long mail. Take care and hope to catch up with you sooner than later.