i have this cool idea to convert av xpress into a youtube video on the internet! the reason this is more effective than hardcopy magazine is because it saves papers; saves printing costs; dispenses with writing (and having good writers to write!); dispenses with distribution; it is globally available and many hifi personalities i know don't have time to write and capturing/interviewing them on video is the best way to get them to share their views. more importantly, it is visual! you can see all the hifi gear in action, instead of static display on the magazine!

i haven't thought out the exact format yet but for a particular issue, i would cover new products introductions, dealer visits, audiophile home visits, invite one or more hifi personality to my house to review albums - we would talk about the singer, the arrangement, the mastering engineering, the recording quality etc etc. as we talk, we would intersperse with songs from the album so it won't be so boring.

tentatively, it would be a monthly program with 30-minute duration.

many record shops love the review section of av xpress cos it helps them to promote albums but now that the magazine is temporary suspended, i would like to have another channel to promote the music industry (and hifi industry), which is in terribly bad shape now.

the youtube videos (and all it archives) will reside in this blog as i don't intend to start another blog.

i believe we are the first one to do this sort of project! gonna be helluva fun!

panzer, hifikaki, i am counting on you guys to help me out! of course, you will be paid ;-)

p/s just did a check on technical feasibility on loading a 30-min long video on youtube. looks like it is only possible on google video, and not youtube.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea.

Anonymous said...

Short snipets on subjects (including some ads) are always better. No one will have the time to sit thru a 30 min video. Don't forget our broadband is not quite like that of our neighbours.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

yes, the broadband quality is a major hindrance. let me sleep on this for a while.