The best things in life are free!

How many times have you heard that quote before?

Are the best things in life really free? As in costing you nothing to acquire?

Well, I recently went in to CMY audio store to satisfy some of my audiophilia cravings and whilst there also took the opportunity to auditioned their Usher Dancer series speakers. The speakers were built to exquisite levels, and they do look a lot bigger than on pictures would suggest. The speakers, driven by Usher's pre & power amps sounds pretty good too!

But I was surprised that as I was paying for my purchases, Chan, the store manager slipped in a Usher Demo CD in to the shopping bag, "with compliments" he said.

I went home and put on this demo CD, and track after track, I could say the mastering of the CD is very good. The musical contents are pretty mixed up as there is a track to cater to every audiophile check list.

You want female vocals? checked, western classical? checked, chinese classical? checked, male vocal? checked, mass choir gregorian chant?, checked, big,big drums? checked, jazz tracks? checked.

I don't think the demo CD missed out any music genre!

The CD is fun to listen too because it made my humble if, flawed system sounded like a million bucks! Staging and imaging stability is good, with very balanced tone presentation. The CD cover's tag line "Be there", and this CD did just that! It brought me "there" to the music.

The great part is most of the tracks I've never heard before, and it serves to me as a sampler to look for new music. The guys in Usher must be congratulated for producing an excellent demo CD. And the best part, it's FREE!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

usher s520 mini monitor is CMY's best seller! i personally have bought two pairs for my friends.

FooYingChuan said...

Hi Panzer/maggielurva,
I have the cd from Chan/Chua as well, outta curiosity, does anyone know who sings the last track ? I can be contacted at


Panzer said...


I am chinese iliterate! I would have to ask ML on who sings what on the Usher Demo CD!

Perhaps ML can enligthen us?