Some times in life, you take a gamble and it pays off handsomely. That's how I'd describe my purchase decision of the BVSC at Carnegie Hall on a 180gsm x 2 LP set. I had pre-ordered prior the official release date which is on 30th September, and the LPs arrived in perfect condition 2 weeks later.

I've seen the BVSC studio album released 10 years ago advertised in some audiophile mag. I never saw or heard the actual CD/LP prior to this purchase.

I totally just bought by gut feeling, based on the few recordings that I've heard performed in the Carnegie Hall to my liking.

Apparently, the recorded concert was 10 years ago or so, I wondered why it took them so long to release the recording? By now, most of the artist performing on that eventful night would no longer be around to enjoy it.

The music has a core Latin feel, that dates back to a period of romanticism. Side one starts of with some traditional fast numbers like Chan Chan, by the time side two begins with Buena Vista Social Club, the momentum builds up and the music start to get very exciting. Side three sees the musicians peaking and playing as if they are all having the time of their life!, especially Ruben Gonzales on piano. Side four starts to get a little retrospective as the music winds down and closes romantically with a duet called Silencio.

I do not understand Latin or Cuban as languages but this music I like!

And how's the recording? I hear the audiophile in you ask? I would rate it as good as any live recording gets. Like most of the Carnegie Hall recordings that I've heard, the hall ambiance is warm, the staging & imaging aspect is good, with no vocal sibilance. I can't be too sure about it as my vinyl playback front end is pretty modest. It was set up just to play all my exiting old LPs. However, I've lately found myself listening and buying more LPs. Should my financial position permits, an upgrade in this area could happen soon.

Should you feel a little adventurous to try some new, or should I say "old" music, go to


km ng said...


Excellent choice of music!

I have the original Buena Vista Social Club LP from Classic Records where Ry Cooder went to Cuba to record them in 1997.

The BVSC music has been one of my favourites and reference in testing systems.

The better the system's resolution and energy, the more you hear into the mix with more realism, aliveness and dimensionality.

In the opening track, "Chan Chan", the first note from the trumpet should make you blink.

On a better system, you may jump.

Any guys here who have not heard BVSC's music before, listen to them now!

Panzer said...


Glad we share a lot of musical likings.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the beautifully printed and presented 3fold cover and liner notes!