a basic sonos wireless multi-room music system cost less than RM5K, if i am not mistaken. it is great for those who want music in every corner of their house.

while it is definitely useful for a big house like a bungalow with multiple rooms, i am not sure how well it can serve a typical two-storey link house (with max 4 rooms) for the malaysians.

every room can play different music so dad can choose his frank sinatra, mum her billy holiday and the kids have rihanna.

it would be great especially if you entertain guests frequently in the house.

gawd, i miss my system :-(

kenny sin (019-2813399)
hi-way laser

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Anonymous said...

Every room can play different songs actually.

I think it's good to share info, but please be more informed when sharing.

You might cause more confusion than helping.