Firstly, this is not an LP bashing CD post.

Just feeling a little frustrated, and need to let it off my chest, that's all. Many months ago, I spotted this particular LP lying around in my hi-fi buddy Wong's place. Ever curious and wondering why my dad loved the Weavers so much, I took the LP home for a spin.

From the moment I put on the LP, starting with the ever popular "When the saints go marching" I was spell bounded by the music. The recording had richness and weight to all the seven vocalist and instruments that kept me spellbound, replaying that same LP for hours! It was also especially good at re-capturing the acoustic time and space of Carnegie Hall. All the singers were lined up from extreme left to right, beyond the room's perceived physical confinement.

I thought this music is something I gotta have, so went all over the place searching for it, but eventually found a CD copy at website. I bought it, waited a few weeks impatiently for it's arrival, hoping to re-kindle the same magical moment I've heard not so long ago.

I put the CD in to the CDP, press play, and what greeted me was a very flat, lifeless, 2D mechanical rendition of the concert. If the LP was as tasty as a bottle of freshly opened cold coke, the CD was stale, fizzled and warm. I was broken.

Then a guru, showed up and told me, for this, you should only get the LP, and there are quite a few versions of it too, each sounding different. Sadly, all are out of print, I've been told.

Now, that I feel better, after that rant. I'll go and listen to the CD again, if not for it's audiophile qualities, then for the musical performance at the very least.

Hey! if it doesn't sound good, you can still just enjoy the music(I borrowed this from a dear friend), right?


canto fans said...

I think the CD you ordered from is not the "desired" CD for you.

Try get the Analogue Production Gold CD, which was remastered by Doug Sax from the mastertapes. Ebay is a good place. Analogue Production has the 180gm LP version as well, mastered by Doug Sax.

There is also a box set of 5 pieces of 45rpm 180gm LP version by Classic Records, mastered by Bernie Grundsman.

My favourite track is Goodnight Irene.

If you like this kind of music, go look out for Belafonte At Carnegie Hall, also in many versions as in LP as well as in Gold CD.

These gold CDs as i mentioned are really great stuff, I mean not the physical appearance of gold CD as per se, but the superb mastering job done.

How nice if today recording come close to these records.

km ng said...


Phew! What a relief.

After reading your 1st line, I thought you're going to bash up this LP.

From what I'm aware, there are 3 LP versions of TWRACH-1963 - the original Vanguard record, Analogue Production reissue and Classic Records 45rpm box set reissue.

I've heard all three and the best is the Classic Records 45rpm box set.

What makes TWRACH-1963 so special in LP is the naturalness of the voices and the capture of the hall space and ambience with precise imaging and soundstaging. Without the usual recording artifacts.

The other Carnegie Hall live recording one MUST have and listen to is of course the famous Belafonte one. Then there's also Cleo Laine Live At Carnegie Hall.

Another live vocal album I most highly recommend is Classic Records reissue in 45/33rpm single of Bill Henderson's, "Send In The Clowns" taken from "Live At The Times" album. If anyone has not listen to this (on vinyl, of course) on a good system, he would not truly understand the meaning and expressiveness of the song sung with true emotions. Please listen before anyone dies before his time and miss it.

The audio gods may forgive you but you won't forgive yourself.

GCK said...

Hi Panzer, guess what! It is so good that I bought the second LP (Analogue Productions)just to keep. Together with Belafonte at Carnegie. That was more than 10 years ago.
Just like yourself, I am also looking for a CD version or maybe SACD? Anyone knows which version is good in terms of sound reproductions?

Anonymous said...

You don't really have a top-notch front end so how certain can you be its the CD not your system?

Panzer said...

canto fans, km and gck,

Thanks for filling me in on the various versions of the Weavers CD/LP tp get. I already have the Belafonte Live in Carnegie Hall CD. It's still one of my favourites.

anonymous 10.33am

How can I be certain it's not the system but the CD?

That's because 8/10 previous CD/LP(same album from the same artist) comparisons, my CD play back would sound better than my vinyl rig. While the humble Marantz CD7 is not the latest and greatest, it's got all the qualities that I seek from a source. Should I choose to do an update tomorow, there would only be 3 newer CDPs I would consider in no particular order, Audio Research CD7, Burmester 001 and Meridian 808 series.

Anonymous said...

Your CD7 is not in the same league as any of those mentioned. Don't be offended, I noticed hifikaki also thinks his CDP is the greatest. Well I only think highly of ML's CDP, too bad his preamp is out otherwise we would know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I have the Analogue Production re-issue and it is sublime to say the least.

Soundstaging, imaging and that sense of being there is right up there with the best.

A definite must-have for analogue fans.

Panzer said...

anonymous 12.05am,

I am not offended at all.

I know the limits of my equipment/system very well and where they stand in the current state of things, thank you.

I agree with you that the 3 CDPs I have mentioned are indeed better than what I have now, that's why I aspire to upgrade to either of them sometime in the future.

You can have your dream equipment wish list, I can have mine. They need not be the same.

Let us celebrate the choices that we have.

Panzer said...

anonymous 11.41am,

Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep a look out for that said version.

hifikaki said...

Anonymous of 12.05am,

I am not sure where I gave the impression that I think my cdp is the greatest.:-) Though in my humble opinion it is an excellent cdp for the money.

Similarly, like Panzer on his, I found the qualities I love in this cdp. However when the day comes where I am completely sold on another cdp and if my pocket can take it, I'd jump. :-)