yes, this one is a keeper.

bought it last night and have been spinning non-stop since.

if anne murray is a piece of hifi then she simply has the most gorgeous tone. in this fabulous cd, she even has a "ghostly" duet with dusty springfield in "i just fall in love again", this track itself worthy of the cost of this US-pressed CD.

trust me, one you read the liner notes where the 12 different iconic female legends (including carole king, sarah brightman, ONJ, k.d.lang, shelby lynne, shania twain) expressed their feelings of excitement in collaborating with anne murray, you would be so moved that you want to read it over and over again.

2v1g will be covering anne murray's "you needed me" in NBT gig in october and the duet here with anne murray and shania twain is the best source of reference for us.

the producer is phil ramone.

review to come.


Anonymous said...

where to get this CD ? Available at local CD shop ?

km ng said...

Great recommendation, Maggielurva!

A duet of Anne's great songs for the past 40 years with some best female singers today (except for K.D. Lang, who don't think she's a she), what can possibly go wrong?

But, please don't "reference" 2V1G too much in following Anne's and Shania's version of "You Needed Me." They should sing in their original styles.

Jez said...

Wow,another winner!!!

ric said...

I haven't grown tired of her after all these years.

what a wonderful way to age.

Thank you again MaggieLurva,for a great recommendation.

lee said...

hey what about tom jones new cd.

any fans /

jj said...

well tom jones should have done a duet with anne murray methink...

aboon said...


I think a duet with Britney spears would be better

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,
yes, i got mine from victoria music, atria. US pressing no less.

by the same token, should 2v1g duet with cheng kam cheong? (the malaysian singer who made it big in hk in the 60-70s)

Ken said...

I don't know how good this Anne Murray cd is but I just got the Shelby Lynne cd. I can say that the recording is a stunner, definitely a 5 star.

Shelby's sing Dusty Springfield's song in a more melancholic tune but her vocals can be very dynamic in certain parts. If your system resolution is poor, you will find her voice unintelligible. The instruments are well recorded with weight to the cymbals with very tuneful guitars.

If your system can handle it, please play louder than usual.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

the recording of this cd is so-so only.