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Hello Leslie,

I was reading your blog and came across the mention of AKG's new "female vocalist" mic. Then you mentioned my wire and I thought maybe I could help.

I would not recommend changing the internal wiring of such a small component, however we could have a couple of balanced microphone cables made for the two singers of 2V1G. They may work well with those beautiful new mics .

Many years ago I made some custom electric guitar cables for some friends in a local rock band.They loved them, but I never got to listen to the results myself, and I always wondered if they picked up any RF noise (they were not shielded).I imagine the conductor windings blocked any possible interferences.

If you are interested maybe we could experiment.

How long would these cables need to be? Please remember we cannot make cables that are too long.

Also, I would not recommend using XHADOW XLR plugs, since they have no incorporated locking mechanism which is standard on all pro-audio XLR plugs (Neutrik, Switchcraft, etc.). An unlocked plug may slip out easily if the singer moves or pulls the mic; certainly not worth the risk during a performance or recording session.

If you like the results and want to keep the cables, consider them a donation to the band.Let me know your thoughts on this.

All the best,


km ng said...

Just an entrepreneurial thought, so don't shoot me.

The "female vocalist" plus audiophile cable mic could be a huge hit for GROs at karaoke joints all over the world.

Which GRO doesn't want her brandy/whiskey laden voice to sound like 2V again.

Think about the business opportunities!

P.S. Ooops! OTOH, most karaoke mics are wireless now. Sorry. :)

Hafiz said...

very kind Luis.

I can see why your cables are superb.You are the kind of guy who would not shy away from trying.

km ng said...

Hi Maggielurva,

I know this kind offer is in honest good faith without any strings attached whatsoever.

Seriously now, as a reviewer, you have been consistently writing good words about the Stage III cables in accordance to what you heard and verified by some of your listeners.

Question is, as a reviewer, is it professionally and morally correct to accept a gift from a manufacturer, whose products you have raved about presently and in the past.

What would readers think if in the future you give another rave review of a new Stage III product even though it is more than deserving?

We have a question of negative thought beliefs and perceptions here which we can't control and this can affect your crediblity in the minds of others.

I write this not because I want to raise any doubts as I know your sincerity - you could have quietly accepted the gift without letting the whole world know.

But just to let you know of its "implications" - real, perceived or otherwise.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Indeed if you are going to reflect yourself as a neutral reviewer, it is not ethical to accept free equipment from a company whose products you are or have been reviewing.
In respectable companies, employees are prohibited from accepting any offer of paying, offering, promising to pay (or authorizing to pay or offer) money or anything of value in order that any perception of bribery or prejudice is avoided.
It's good that you have made this public so that we can advise you of its consequences. Do not make yourself vulnerable to such temptations.

Jay said...

KM Ng,

You are contradicting yourself!!!

1]maggielurva has been raving about Stage 3BEFORE he gets the gift.So,if he continue to write positively about stage 3,we know it is NOT because of the gift...

Simple logic,Right???

anyway ,I do not see anything wrong with it.It is beneficial to both of them.It would be HYPOCRITICAL not to accept in my opinion.Anyway ,the world is full of hypocrites,and I do not think MaggieL is one of them

Anonymous said...

So it's good to be truthful and greedy and accept gifts for saying good things about your favourite equipment and designers as a just reward. So the next time the gifts stop coming, no more raving, don't you think? Don't be tempted by forbidden fruit, just say no.

km ng said...

Hi Jay,

Please read my comments c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y and then think d-e-e-p-l-y whether I'm contradicting myself.

Your logic defies me, really!

After receiving the gift, I'd perceive it could be worse off for Maggielurva or perhaps even to the manufacturer if ML continues to rave about Stage III products.

Your own words, "beneficial to both of them," say it all.

Do have a happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

If he loaned the cable to you, maybe it will be better off for everyone.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hey guys, stop being moral teachers la.

when i announced that gryphon trounced everyone else within 30 minutes, no one believed me and some even mocked at me. but do i care? do i care about my so called "credibility"? i don't.

for christ's sake, i don't even care whether readers look at me at as a "respected" reviewer. because i don't do it for money. just like luis, we do it because of our passion in hifi. we don't do it for our livelihood.

what i am doing here is to show you how nice and generous luis is in offering me this special cable, which he does not make for commercial purpose. i treat luis as a genuine friend. is there anything wrong in promoting a friend's product in this space? you can call it cronyism but at least i am open about it. unless luis' products are no longer good then i will stop singing praises about them.

like jay said, this world is full of hyprocrites. at least, i call a spade a spade. i think some readers here like this blog because of my honesty and no-BS approach to hifi.

for the record, i have to pay for my gryphon with REAL money, a lot of money. if luis were to bribe me, he would have offered them for free.

just so you know, i don't like to be viewed as an "audiophile" or a "hifi reviewer". i rather be a maverick or a rebel.

shaq said...

Fully agree with you MaggieLurva.

I do not understand all this morality talk at all.I suspect a lot of them either can't afford the excellent cables or just plain J of your success.

whatever you call yourself WE LOVE YOU !!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just a blog and the blogger reviews stuff based on personal taste and personal audio system.

Everyone should review on their own before buying anything.

If Luis buys ML a new car i will be happy for ML.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's not only a blog but also an internet front for AV Express magazine.
Also got advertisements for Malaysian audio companies.
Whatever expressed here is also reflected in the magazine. So is it really personal??
I doubt it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded Issue 6 of AV Express in pdf file from the download link provided on home page.
On Page 15 of the pdf file, it says

So is this really a commercial blog or a personal blog?

You be the judge.

km ng said...

Hi Maggielurva,

When you say, "I don't care", I guess the buck stops there.

Nothing further to talk about.

Well, being an audio maverick or rebel, I hope you'll walk the talk and report more without fear or favour.


P.S. It was 30 seconds not 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

RE: Xhadow locking mechanism: I have the Xhadow XLRs (excellent), and it's true - for a live performance teh Xhadow might possibly slip out (they weren't invented for this purpose). But for studio, no problem ... unless you are holding the mic and dancing around the studio. And if you're doing that, the recording will be bad anyway.