the star, after much begging and string-pulling, finally published an article on 2v1g today.

3 months late? better late than never.


hafiz said...

Yup,read about it today.You must be very happy..

I was wondering what took them so long to write about something that is proudly Malaysian.After all they waste a lot of space writing about Britney spears Everyday.

Next,I think our radio station should start playing the songs regularly.;


GCK said...

Yeah, I read that too while stuck in the bad traffic jam in KL today. Better late than never. Now everyone will know.
The jam is so bad that I can finish flippping and reading some articles through the Star newspaper to almost finish.

2V1G said...


the star is too arrogant for its own good. the interview was done more than 2 months back.

also, local chinese radio stations don't think too much about 2v1g because we don't play by their rules, i.e. splurging on marketing and promotion, and creating sensationalized headlines.

still, we made it gloriously ;-)