i have been a big fan of wong kar wai since "the days of being wild" - one of my all-time-fave movies - starring the inimitable leslie cheung and the classy maggie cheung. just like quentin tarantino, wong has a way with his camera but few actually know that wong's movies always boast of good soundtracks.

wong's "in the mood for love" introduced me to nat king cole. i fell in love instantly with nat's spanish classics like "quizas, quizas, quizas" and "te quiero, dijiste". music like this conjures up visions of endless nights of passion and eternal love stories. (think falling in love with salma hayek ;-) i just can't get enough of them.

truth is, i don't own any of nat's spanish albums, except for one cover album done by hong kong's TIS (audiophile label). aren't i happy to discover this from taiwan! apparently, producer mark pearce wants to refresh nat's spanish repertoire so he ropes in famous DJ lenny ibizzare to add some rhythm and beats to the music, the result of which is a modernized nat king cole! the remastering is done by big-time japanese audiopile label, s2s (not SS2, my dear!), who has done really well with many hot-selling audiophile titles.

but when i press on the playlist, i was greatly disturbed by the intruding beats!

i really don't need the "special" rhythm to modernize the songs, do you, dear readers?


shuk said...

I am with you on this one Maggie Lurva,

It is ok to remaster the Original mastertapes[XRCD etc}but to redo the song completely, well ....sound to hip-hop to me.

Kang said...

Modernize? I think leave it to P.Daddy to do it.

Nat King Cole should be left alone

NKC great fan said...

please don't murder nat king cole music