yes, i am convinced that the cable cooker is for cable nuts like me!

i hereby would like to invite 2 more audiophiles to share the cost with me. preferably you are from kl la, else logistics are gonna be difficult. so far i have invited hifi kaki and GCK.

i want to buy the pro version, so if we have 3 parties, the share would be around RM800 each person.

come, let's start cooking up a storm!

p/s we can start a small business charging gullible audiophiles for RM50 per break-in session ;-)

latest: GCK is in! so i need one more investor.
latest: hifi kaki is in as well! hey, we are buying one!


sam elliot said...


I was about to suggest that,it certainly would be more cost effective ,since it would be laying doing nothing for 3 months...

50 ringgit?You are a bad businessman!!!!should charge at least 50.00 Pound Sterling

p said...

Do let us know what you think,once you have cooked your cables.

I cook everything that has wires,from the Receptacles to AC conditioner[YUp,they love it!!]Cotact Alan Krafton for guidence,he is one helpful guy.

hafiz said...

Definitely a worthwhile purchase,Once tried you will be hooked ;}

I have one all to myself and do lend to friends,but with a cable junkie like you,you might need all to yourself

km ng said...

Introducing "Wonderpot", a cooker raved by celebrity audiophiles which gives a new whole new meaning the art of cooking commonly known to mankind.

"Wonderpot" has 5 optional settings to suit each and everyone's taste.

Option #1 - Fast and furious.

Option #2 - Slow and easy.

Option #3 - Clean and transparent.

Option #4 - Thick and syrupy.

Option #5 - Neutral and tasteless.

For further information, please dial 1-600-EXPM-SAMAK, who may be jobless now and thinking of giving cooking lessons soon.

ban aik said...

Km Ng,

I really hope you would get access to one ,and do a comparison yourself.
then you tell us how it works..

Coe said...

Mr KM Ng,

1]Have you ever tried using the cable cooker,or know of anyone who has?

2]What are your issues?

As an owner of the Audiodharma unit,I can vaouch for its efficacy.I have yet to see ANY of my friend not marvel at the improvement after properly "treat/cook' them in the Dharma.

km ng said...

Hi guys,

No issues whatsoever.

Just cooking some cheer in these rather depressing times in Malaysia, if you know what I mean.

BKLim said...


Maybe maggieLurva will cook us a feast with the Audiodharma,

Kongsi raya....

ML Liong said...

MaggieLurva and gang will get the first unit in Malaysia!!!

can't wait for the review.

Patrick said...

I wonder whether you could cook the AKG mucrophone,and the cables in your recording studio too?

that would certainly be very good,huh?

k said...

ML liong .

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago .still hasn't shipped!!The waiting list is quitelong,because of the high demand!!!Waiting for mine anxiously...

LH said...

I think you should contact Alan Krafton on how to cook the Shunyata.

You should also cook your receptacles...

lyeo said...


how do you plan to run the cable cooking service,May I be your first custumer

TAONg said...


Members could cook their cables at a special rate...

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i am a generous guy ;-)

i will do it for a minimum charge. maybe just to pay for my TNB bill ;-)

i certainly would do it for a small fee for anyone who is keen but starting a hifi club is the last thing on my mind ;-)