with web 2.0 catching fast on netizens, even audiophiles from sleepy kelantan have caught on with the blogging fad!

for the mandarin readers among you, here's one interesting hifi blog from my virtual friend in kelantan. calling his blog "fatty's hifi journey", you can certainly tell that chua has a great sense of humour.

his gear is definitely high-end; it would embarrass anyone out there who claims to be high-end.

but most importantly, chua's passion sees no bound, so too is his pocket, i suspect ;-)



chua's equipment list

  • cd transport-Reimyo CDT-777(Kubala Sosna Emotion power cord, Harmonix Coaxial)
  • dac-Reimyo DAP-999EX (Kubala Sosna Emotion power cord,Stage3 Concept Magnus RCA interconnect)
  • preamp-Audio Note M5 Line (Shunyata Phyton Helix power cord,Stage3 Concept Magnus Prime XLR interconnect)
  • power amp-Classe CA2200 (Shunyata Phyton Helix power cord,Audioquest Mont Blanc speaker cable)
  • loudspeakers-Marten Miles 3
  • others-Shunyata Research V-Ray (Shunyata Research PhytonHelix20A power cord),Bright Star Audio platform(DAC),Symposium Ultra platform+Symposium Roller Block(preamp),Accoustic Revive RR-77 X3, Isolation Transfomer,AC AnacomX5,Speaker Anacom,Accoustic Revive RD3,Goldmund Spike,Harmonix RF-999MT(speaker)),Harmonix RFA-7800,Oyaide (wall outlet),Symposium Svelte Shelf(power amp),Millennium CD Mat,Quantum Symphony Pro(Harmonix X-DC2 power cord),Finite Elemente Ceraball(for Shunyata V-ray - see picture)


Ken said...


Kudos to you.

Hoe said...


And the attention to details with regards to cabling and shelving.Amazing!!!!

Looks like maaggielurva and Hifikaki has to make a trip to Kelantan soon

tee said...

I seconded Hoe's motion.

Let us see how the system sound like

hatim said...

My saliva is drooling........

Anonymous said...

Hey! If Maggie and Hifikaki going to Kelantan, I'd wanna tag along too to enjoy the sounds!

Anonymous said...

Hey! If Maggie and Hifikaki going to Kelantan, I'd wanna tag along too to enjoy the sounds!

sim said...

I think Hifi kaki and Maggielurva must go to Kelantan already.

Maybe Mr Chua would be kind enought to 'sponsor' them?

A system like that need to be heard by Maggielurva...Gorgeous!!!!

sam said...

Very unsual combinations of japanese Products and American cables...

Would be very interesting to hear how it sound.Never seen anything like it though.

jackie said...

....and Scandinavian Loudspeaker.Very interesting indeed

Anonymous said...

I have always thought a top notch system would not need so many tweeks.
Maybe tweeks would be a good future topic.

Joakim said...

Anonymous ,

A lot of the stuffs that he use are essential parts of setting up a good system;

Oyaide wall receptacles-?the best

Finite elemente Cereball

Good shelving.

I thought the way he put things together was just brilliant!!

george said...

I am just wondering whether he will be moving from Symposium rollerblock to The finite elemente racks.

I did that,and the improvements were quite significant

Bj said...

I have listened to the Reimyo combo(in a different set-up,of course) and thought that it was one of the best soiunding digital front I have heard....In the same company as the dcs and Meitner seperates.

Joey said...

The Reimyo has a very 'analogou' sound from my previous listening.Certainly for all those vinylphiles who wants their digital sound less digital.I thought the combinations with Classe is pretty brilliant.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

if you are reading, would you sponsor our trip to kelantan?

i heard the reimyo cdp in hk, absolutely gorgeous and refined.

so good to have money to buy hifi ;-)