the audio creations boys are offering this special discount to all readers of desirable audio.

buy the audio magic stealth mini reference at Rm3,888 (USD1,200) and get a good discount on their black thunder power cord.

Audio Magic Black Thunder Power Cord
Two 12-gauge, double-coated, silver over copper conductors with Teflon dielectrics, Mylar dampening, and surrounding triple shielding. By no means entry level, the black thunder promises significant improvements in detail, staging and weight.

Introductory price, 1.5m US plug RM480 (additional RM90 for UK plug) Special package price of RM380 with purchase of any Audio Magic power conditioner, while stocks last.

contact: Mikey 012-3315669


Anonymous said...

How does it sound?

Any comments from the dealer or current users?

How does it compare to others in the same price range at retail?

Does it match better with some systems?

Need some performance description lah...

Saque said...

It is better than RGPC for sure.

The price is actually very cheap,considering the USD is climbibg very fast.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

best is to loan it from audio creations ;-) they are nice chaps.

fully agreed on both counts!