AKG "Elle C" microphone in white
  • Condenser vocal microphone for female vocalists
  • Slender and elegant silhouette
  • XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins for optimized connectivity
  • 24-carat gold plated transducer case for optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion and humidity
  • Spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness incl. reliable control of pops and wind noise
  • Internal elastic suspension

Every musician knows about the very special nature of the female voice. Building on decades of experience in making microphones, AKG has designed a professional vocal microphone with a condenser transducer perfectly tailored to the female voice. The result is called the "Elle C" and delivers an extremely accurate, detailed, and natural sound.

In addition to its superb audio performance, the Elle C also matches the highest aesthetic expectations of performing female vocalists. Its slender, elegant silhouette and special finish in either high-gloss metallic or white pearlescent paint adds an exciting visual dimension to every performance.

budget permitting, we are thinking of buying 2 units of this gorgeous microphone for our 2"V"s for our forthcoming gig in october!

it is incredible that AKG can come up with a mic specially just for female vocalists. i suppose one could extrapolate and go on to produce mics for jazz, classical, rock, pop etc etc.

i wonder if i could replace the internal wiring with stage III cables, and the stock XLR connector with xhadow!


Jiji said...

Talk like a true cable lover,Huh?

liuCB said...

I wonder if we buy this mike for our Karaoke system,my wife's voice will sound like Diana Krall...

TB Wong said...

maybe add a small tube in a la some cd players.

Anonymous said...

How well does it handle sibilance?

gan said...

IT just doesn"t sound 'natural' to me.

I still prefer the recording with little doctoring as posssible.

tan ,gary said...

You sure have a classy taste.

Hope the project goes well.Your Cd {2V1G] put a lot of mainstream labels to shame.

km ng said...

Dear male vocalists,

If you're tired of having a singing voice like a cross between Kate Bush and Eric Tsang, your worries are over!

AKJ is proud to introduce the "Macho M" mic which will transform your sissy voice into a deep, manly, authoritative "110% all-male animalistic" voice.

Weighing at 1kg and shaped like a dumb bell with stainless steel studs (or spikes, optional to your taste), the "Macho M" mic will make you an instant rocker or crooner, whichever way you want it. We guarantee your wife, girlfriend or mother will be amazed to death on hearing your newfound GRRR... voice!

For further information, please call 1-800-MACHO-MAN.

P.S. Please don't call 1-800-MAGGIE-LURVA. He's in charge of our ladies division. :)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

sounding like mrs.costello is not enough, having a body like her is far more difficult ;-)

there is no "doctoring" in 2v1g. but thanks for your feedback anyway.

it takes one to know one ;-)