as usual, news travel a little late to bolehland - i only discovered this last week when jo ki (our local ls3/5a guru) recommended it to me.

as usual, malaysian record shops don't carry it.

can some kind souls from SG buy it for me and i will pay you back?

i have heard some of the songs and love them. shelby does justice to dusty springfield's classics.

i want, i want, i want.


Anonymous said...

and the cd sounds amazing...brilliant recording thanks to many including the legendary mr. sax!

km ng said...

Making someone's great songs is like M:i:4(Sure Die). He or she will be compared and contrasted with the original - too closely, a copycat with no style or talent; too differently, killing the original songs.

I must say Shelby gave good heartfelt renditions of Dusty's songs plus 1 original. Dusty would have been very proud of her and would have given her a big A-OK from up there.

This is a good album to relax, unwind and just let things float by, parking all the problems of the world outside your music room. And if I may add, only if you throw away all the anxieties of your audio system, cooked or uncooked, out of the music room.

Hmmm...just a "blink" thought. How come nobody has done an album of Bjork songs?

Jeez said...

I want also...Tired of listening to Eva cassidy[her latest offering is quite dissapointing]..

Like KM Ng said ,this is something one can listen to unwind....Thanks maggieLurva for another great recommendation..

Anonymous said...

I have her LP ordered direct from the USA and it's a very well recorded album with Shelby doing justice to the great Dusty Springfield.

Also the album was produced by none other than that great Phil Ramone who did such audiophile albums like Casino Royale.

km ng said...

Bored of listening to lace and silk vocal duo accompanied by a solo 6-stringed acoustic instrument?

Do add this sparkling chardonnay with aged whiskey combination in your listening menu to quench your musical thirst. Taken on the rocks, of course, and cooking not required.

What on earth am I talking about?


The rare and wonderful collaboration of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant in the "Raising Sand" album.

If you haven't got the album, jump into your ride now and do a Lewis Hamilton to your nearest record shop to buy one.

And if, OMG, you haven't heard of Alison Krauss or Robert Plant before, I'm


km ng said...

Speaking of "Casino Royale" soundtrack, if anyone here should die and not heard of the definative Dusty's song, "The Look Of Love" in side 1 track 2 of the soundtrack, I'm afraid he's doing a GREAT injustice to himself.

If he is a female vocal lover like many of us here, he should commit seppuku.

Dear friends, do listen to this wonderful, wonderful song that only Dusty can sing in the way that it ought to be sung.

All hyper emotional guys will melt in their seats before the breathy sax solo in the 2nd minute.

But, a BIG caveat here.

I'm afraid, all the above can ONLY be experienced on VINYL played on a good analogue playback system. The vinyl must be the original Colgems label (COSO 5005), best if 1s/2s stamping.

Happy listening!

Che said...

Km Ng,

I like your sense of humor!!!;}

MaggieLurva,you should really rope this dude in as a contributor for your magazine!!

Sean said...

I agree with KM Ng with regards to listening to Dusty on Vinyl.My own fav of her is dusty in Memphis.Just Gorgeous{On Vinyl of course}

Having said that,I think if somebody could go back to her old mastertapes and reprint on SACDs or XRCDs ,I do not think it would be too bad.It could even beat some of those scratch Vinyl that my friends listen to.

km ng said...

Hi Che,


Actually, I'm already a contributor to AV Xpress but apologies to Maggielurva, haven't cook up anything recently. Perhaps, ML should kick my butt to get things moving.

Did you hear the hottest song in Taiwan now is surprisingly the old classic, "Send In The Clowns." They are playing this song all over the radio and tv stations, karaoke joints, nightclubs, discos, in the streets, even in agriculture farms!

I wonder whether this song has anything to do with the visit of 50+ esteemed people to Taiwan from you-know-where.

Raque said...

I've listen to "raising sand'.Even though some of the songs are nice,the recording quality{i have the 1st U.S. Pressing] was way below par.having own quite a number of alison's Cds this recording was one of her worst.

The sounds are just too everengineered for my liking,and their voices coherence are somewhat out of sync.....I could come out with a few dozens of lesser known artists that wouild put this famous 'couple' to shame

hafiz said...

Raque is quite spot on there.

Most of the Artists sell records based on reputations alone,there are many lesser known artists that are just truly magnificant.Here is just a short list of my recent discoveries:

1]The Grand Archives-If coldplay make this ,it would be Multi platinum

2]2V1G-Need an English version for this!!Really superb,simple and intimate stuff.

3]Nils Lofgren-the loner. Hope MaggieLurva listen to this to get his inspiration for the next work.

4]Regina Spektor-This russian girl really know how to rock.have been listening to her the past 2 yrs,still has not gotten tired of her melodies

Timothy said...


You take on redoing somebody's work is brilliant!!!

It is true ,Shelby has to be quite brave to take on a legend like Dusty.

On the other hand of you are a JAZZ singer,the opposite is true.You would be consider a nutcase to sing an original compositions!!!

Any explanation,anyone??

aboon said...

It is good in a nice way,but honest to god,2V1G is much better[....And I am not trying to get MaggieLurva to cook my cables for free]

km ng said...

Hi Raque,

I agree on the sound quality.

But audiophiles, as the name implies, mainly choose sound quality over performance, orginality, artistic expressions and influences.

Tell me, how many audiophiles play Alanis Morissette's "Little Jagged Pill?"

Or, Patti Smith's "Horses", PJ Harvey's "Rid Of Me" or Pixies's "Surfer Rosa?" These artistes have influenced lots of new ones, including Nirvana.

Thank God not everyone is an audiophile. Otherwise, it may be nice sound packaging over actual musical content.

raque said...

km nG,

what I mean is ,you are talking about 2 of the biggest names in music,one [Plant]already a legend many times over,and the other[Krauss]also a living legend in country music...

Surely, they ,of all people could put more effort in making decent sounding record[at least to the levelof James Taylor,Ryan Adams;] Nothing Exotics.

Anonymous said...

I'll take DooLittle over Surfer Rosa. But the album cover on Surfer Rosa deserves to be wall mounted. LOL!!!!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,
i seem to think bernie grundman has surpassed doug sax in mastering ;-)

i would definitely check out your recommendations. well, 2v1g may just do some english numbers in the next album.

you are dead right. look at diana krall, tuck and patti, whenever they do originals, the album flopped!

km ng has joined the ranks of "stand-up comedian" and he is no longer interested in writing for me ;-)

no worries, i can cook your cables for free. all i ask is a cup of kurang manis teh tarik :-)

km ng said...

Hi Maggielurva,

I will, I will, I will.

All I ask is whether I can park my ears awhile in front of your system.

No worries, I'll buy you your cup of teh tarik kurang manis later. And, I'm bringing no cables for cooking.

Per your posting earlier on "The Audiophile Sickness" topic, you asked "Why so serious?" and "...why can't it (hi fi) be naughty and fun..." I'm just following your maxim.

Frankly, we need all the cooking right now to cook the blues away after hearing what they did with the Idiotic Stupid Act yesterday.

I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting.

For your call or sms in the above.


Anonymous said...


I was in SG 2 weeks ago trying to look for this CD, after been poisoned by dear friend.

The shops in SG says that both CDs and LPs were sold out!

But I heard there might be a batch arriving tomorow in SG!

I ordered mine from Amazon instead!, sice won't be in SG anytime soon.