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Our goal is to represent manufacturers who develop products with cutting edge technology, and precision workmanship. Companies that stand apart from the mass market, and have a greater love for the art, and products that enrich your lifestyle, and make you proud to own.

we like the intro of aaudio import, a specialist importer/distributor of high-end audio in the US. unlike many distributors, aaudio is selective on the products it represents. it only focuses on niche products that are cutting edge, in a class of its own and against the tide of mainstream.

the designers of such products are normally small-time cottage industry owners but heavily devoted to the art of advancing high-end audio. you may think that they don't have the money to splurge on advertising or big-scale manufacturing but that's to ignore their perfectionist attitude towards their products. they have seen too many examples of audio companies losing their competitive edge the moment they go mass-market. their non-compromising attitude prevents them to be part of the audio bandwagon.

most of these designers are not motivated by money and some of them are even struggling but it doesn't not stop them from pursuing audio excellence. it is great that aaudio can house them under one common roof.

how many products you currently own that fall into the "minority, niche" category but you feel they deserve the full accolades by merit of their outstanding performance?


built62 said...

desirable audio boutique now need models to boost hits???

Michael Ng said...

no man... maggie is just showing his other fetishes besides appreciation for good audio. :-)

Anonymous said...

Auudio imports carry Stage III wires...is that the connection ?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

only emotional kind, not the financial kind ;-)

i also happen to like the acapella speaker they carry so there you go.

Aaudio imports said...

Dear maggielurva,

Thanks for your comments about my company.

I felt that you really understood what Aaudio imports was about that I added a new section to my website called Aaudio Buzz.

Sincerely, Brian Ackerman
(President, Aaudio imports)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi brian,

you are welcome!

gee, you even put the sexy photos ;-)

perhaps, you should also include my post entitled "kill bill(part 1 & 2) which caused so much hoo-ha in malaysia.