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mystery solved.

a helpful audiophile friend - after various experimentations - confirmed the peculiarity of kubala-sosna emotion cables - that it only likes modern (read post-2000 production) amplifiers and speakers. it works fantastically in kharma and marten speakers and the latest krell, rowland, pass labs and ARC. it doesn't work in older krell and audio research. the sound in older amps is bloated and bulky, like what i experienced earlier.

that also explains why it works so well in hifi kaki's pass labs xa60 and not in my 20-year-old ARC.

i hope kubala-sosna fans will rest easy now.

i am not sure if joe kubala himself knows about this. hope he reads this blog.


Chiam said...

abnother Problem solved again!!!

Maybe you should start charging all these manufacturers for solving their problems for them..

Remember the PPP fiasco?

jim said...

Why do you think this is so?

My suspicion is probably related to impedence mismatched.

Try speaker Enacom/Bybee purifier to solve this

hing said...

Is Kubala Sosna has High impedence design?

GCK said...

Copper will sound thicker in the middle (bloated as you put it) compared to silver. It is a matter of system matching. The Jorma cables will also behave like Kubala, I think, based on the impression I got when I listened to the Marten setup in the last AV show in KL.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hey guys,

my guess is as follows: k-s emotion is a thick-sounding and "meaty" cables and modern amplifications have plenty of details and resolution hence the ideal balance of details+meat.

whereas older amps (especially tube) are already thick-sounding so k-s emotion would only increase the "thickness" and "bloatiness".