[child-woman jolin cai]

the cd pirates now have gone shopping in taiwan and hong kong. either that, or they are now shopping in yes asia, the largest online chinese cd web store in the world.

they now bring into malaysia many titles well in advance of the malaysian market. (at least 1-2 months ahead). this is something unheard of in the past. and some titles so uncommercial that you wonder why they bother.

it is obvious - the pirates are looking at the bigger global picture now - they want to rule all and sundry.

scary sh*t.

it is a sad day for music. the music industry and record shops in malaysia are promised of an expedited death.

oh, btw, just in case you ask - 2v1g has been pirated. what an irony in all sense of the word.


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hafiz said...

They only way to eradicate,is to create awareness on the part of consumers.

I am so sorry that the thieves has stolen your hard work MaggieL,

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

music is always needed by everyone. it is just that the model of selling music is evolving and we are in twilight zone now with download not really taking off (in this part of the world) and cd sales dwindling.

already many musicians have changed their focus to do other art forms like jingles, commercials, musicals etc etc.

ultimately, music won't die. it will just evolve into another form.