[the curvaceous fala chen]

it is confirmed - city square, the adelphi-wannabe of kl, is going to have a major face-lift and all its hifi tenants will have to seek new homes.

there was a time in the early 90s when city square was touted to be the adelphi of malaysia. the av centre did attract a number of hifi tenants then and with metrojaya store being the anchor tenant, the dream came close to fruition. close, by never quite there yet.

with the exit of metrojaya in the late 90s, city square soon lost its attraction. husbands could no longer bring their families to city square with the pretext of hifi shopping because the wives and kids have nowhere to go.

the last 5 years saw city square being relegated to a 3-rate shopping destination. there was hardly any attractions. but half a dozen of hifi tenants stayed put as they believe the location does attract a regular stream of loyal customers.

rave, music by design, audio perfectionist, valve and vinyl, asia sound, zest audio would now have to look for new homes. would they all go to amcorp mall, the current home of many hifi dealers, or another building would house an av centre for them? plaza low yatt did at one time want to house an av centre but the IT-centric mall doesn't quite entice hifi dealers.

the dream of having an adelphi-like centre in kl remains a distant one.


happyinsingapore said...

Amcorp mall is not quite central enought to attract the foreigner[thought the LRT is quite accesable]

Thetre are a lot of Australian buyers in Adelphi,because they like the concept of one stop centre.I believe if the Malaysia dealers are together,they could attract the ARab buyers that come here by the planeloads.Believe me these people love their musics just like anyone else.

The key is to attract them in,and we will have loads of business...

CPChee said...

All the more reasons for Malaysian Dealers to be together.

They could negotiate as a group to move to a new place and try to sell the concept.

I thinbk Ampang Park is quite a good alternative..

htlim said...

well it could be a blessing in disguise for them to move out of the comfort zone

liewmeng said...

yup,the whole thing has been bought over by an Aussie-based private equity group..

I think they all should move to amcorp mall

zam said...

I dpo not know where they should move, but everybody should be unjder the same roof IMHO.

And I am sure if we attract the Arabs buyers,our dealers will be in better position to bring more Lesser Known brands.

BTW How come there is no NORDOST dealer in Malaysia???!!!That is one of the most popular range of cables and nobody is bringing them here??Puzzling....

soon said...

where do ypou think they should move maggielurva?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

well said. i think city square is quite passe already!

i think they should all move to amcorp mall because it is very near to where i live! haha ;-)