[the delicious carmen soo]

[1] you can tell one person's character from the way he treats his competitors. the local chinese magazine, after much pressure from the dealers and the market forces, has started a website. in two of his articles, the computer-challenged editor attacked yours truly by saying that "hifi bloggers are full of nonsense, deceit and irresponsibility" and that 2v1g is "a low-budget production with ordinary recording and unknown singers". am i supposed to retaliate? not worth it. i shall leave such low-life with his own opinions. he is not worth my attention. the discerning audiophiles would know who's the one having the substance and mettle.

[2] meridian is having a major shake-up worldwide with the addition of a new investor. (i haven't googled for info on the net yet). malaysia, hong kong, japan and france distributors have relinquished its distributorship. it is not likely that absolute hifi will take up distributorship for malaysia because meridian is never their cup of tea. so my 808 will remain a distant dream.

[3] one dealer has instigated the idea of forming "an association of hifi dealers in malaysia". i don't know what's the benefit of such move but i already see major obstacles ahead to unite the dealers. too many politics and very little in common. but i will see what i can do to help the initiative. someone also made the suggestion to "buy up av xpress" in an attempt to "commercialize it" and "beef up its contents". hey, you mean my magazine is for sale?

[4] 3,000 copies of 2v1g have been snapped up and we are into our 3rd pressing. hooray! to those who support us - thanks a million!


Ken said...


I always think that if one is working hard and doing well, other people will only get jealous.

hafiz said...


I have suggested in the past,and I think that Malaysian dealers really shoild have an associations.

Since coming back from UK,I have been to a few hi-fi shop and I must say that they are a really nice bunch of people.

politicking and teething problems are inevitable,but if they are under one umbrella ,they can only get better being united

aziz said...

Congrats to the Success of 2V1G.

As far as Meridian 808 is concerned,I do not think you will miss it much.

I've recently auditioned the dcs Puccini and I was completely speechless.l

jamieson said...

Why don't you sell the 2V1G on CD Baby.A lot of independent artist worldwide get their exposure through there

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

the way the editor attacked me is below the belt. but he is known as a devious person anyway.

of course, i see some good points in forming an association. but many issues are unresolvable and way too sensitive. take the case of some dealers taking goods from s'pore (they call this "submarine" or "under-water" goods in local context) which is way cheaper compared to importing from the principals in US/Europe. other dealers are not happy with this act but what can the association like this do?

in the name of business and making money, everyone wants to outdo each other.

the puccini is Rm65K yeah ;-)

i am not sure about this. 2v1g is chinese. many titles in cd baby are predominantly english. thanks for the suggestion anyway