cable manufacturers are a creative lot. after they have exhausted with mountains, jewelries, animals, they have now gone to use fruits as the name/brand/model for their cables.

latest to hit our shores are pear cables. by using the name "pear", we could guess that the sound must be juicy, succulent and sweet!

pear's designer, adam blake, likes to backup his cables with all things scientific; he doesn't believe in snake oils and voodoo. a look at their technical write-up proves that the pear cables are fundamentally sound, in fact, a bit modest and down-to-earth, without the usual glamor and glitz of their competitors. adam believes in machine-made cables, citing consistency and repeatability of results. pear cable has direct control of the process from beginning to end, enabling them to perform quality control measures at several distinct points in the process.

pear offers copper, silver and gold cables, in ascending price scale. we must say that their price is most reasonable. consider their comice silver RCA 1.0m interconnect selling at RM1,600 and you would know they are not rip-off.

andrew lim, the distributor of pear cable in malaysia, would like to entice you with a free, no-obligation, home trial of his cables. call him now at 012-2178031 if you want to quench your audio thirst with a pear.

we can guarantee that the pear cables are not rotten apples ;-)


jerry said...


that is a fresh way to approach to hi fi in Malaysia.will be calling him soon

Anonymous said...

Pear cables was the subject of Randi's 1 million challenge last year..

Quite a controversial cable to introduce following the hoopla...

Zoe said...

My friend[in US] actually spoke very highly of their gold interconnect..

They are positioning themself[at least in US] as 'value for money' cables take takes on the likes of Acoustic Zen and Harmonix ,and from what my friend says,they have succeeeded

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

i will be more than willing to take up randi's challenge b/w my stage 3 and his monster. in fact, i want to up the challenge to 2 million ;-)

tell him about it, please.