yes, bright idea strikes on the auspicious date of 8th of august 2008 - the born of a new jazz duo, tentatively code-named "JZ8". yeah, my fixation on numbers ;-)

i have found a gifted jazz pianist who really plays to my style and preference. i need an excellent female vocalist to complete the duo. she comes in the form of meeia foo [符琼音]- astro talent quest (ATQ) 2005's runners-up.

meeia delivering power-packed covers of "power of love" and "coming home" (2v1g album's 1st song)

so who's better? winnie ho's "coming home" or meeia foo's "coming home"?

unlike 2v1g's winnie ho, i have not much info on meeia except that in the same year she won "the most beautiful voice" award in the world's meet of talent quest held in hk. from youtube, i could see that she is active in china in various singing contests. i don't think anyone has signed her yet so the chance is 50/50.

while my pianist is eager to work with us, we are not sure about meeia. JZ8 is going to be very different from 2v1g but they cover the same genre of mandarin pop.

will she agree to do such a groundbreaking project with us?

i have cast my net to hunt her down.

with experience gained in making 2v1g, we are approaching JZ8 with so much more confidence. another great pop/audiophile crossover album in the making?


Anonymous said...

she is in taiwan now studying and taking part in 超级偶像。

Anonymous said...

she have agent at taiwan,can call for disccuss