Daring, Artistic, Reliable, Elegant and Definitive - this is dared amplifiers for you frugal audiophiles!

dared's origin is from an audio company called danyigao audio equipment limited in shenzhen, china. featured here is their dared vp-16 12-watter push-pull class AB integrated amp with 6V6 power tubes.

eugene of audio matic (012-3222698), amcorp mall is one dealer who has high standards and he thinks the dared is good enough to meet the demands of money-tight audiophiles.

another tube amp to dare your shrinkng wallet? fret not, this is is not only beautiful, sonically pleasing but financially agreeable as well.

i dare you to try the dared!

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Anonymous said...


OT abit. Have you found your Apogees?
I have a pair of rare Apogees Duetta Sigs in great condition. Faux marble finish. First owner since day 1. Let me know if you are keen.

Dr Benny