cmy has issued this challenge to you - for under RM1,500 a pair, please find fault with usher s-520!

the S-520 is the entry-level two-channel bookshelf speaker from usher audio technology, a taiwanese company that manufactures more than two dozen two-channel speakers (not counting their home-theater models). i am not saying that for under Rm1.5K, you can't find many worthy contenders. you can't find a contender with this kind of craftmanship and looks! kudos to the taiwanese for making such beautiful products affordable.

rave reviews from all over world confirmed that this tiny usher trashes anything below RM3K and that included brand A, brand B, brand C and brand D. so bring forth your wharfedale diamond, dali royal minuet, xavian mia, AE1, epos and many other similar monitors. usher s-520 is afraid of no one!

if you have the guts, call CMY (03-21439406) now and bring home a pair to audition.

the pair i saw in CMY comes with glossy piano finish and it is lustily desirable! just how did usher do it at this price point? the mind boggles!


fafafion said...

I am sorry to say that for under 1.5k,there real giant killer is PSB alpha they could make it so cheap and yet so amazing is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

RM1500 not cheap at all. My friend bought it from Taiwan including tax/shipping to Malaysia at RM950.

Due to good review from magazines, most of us had forgotten is a Taiwanese product.

What if the same kind of quality from China ? The response would be "China mari...ah... tak main lah..".

ooi said...

i seconded fafafion about the PSB .

Maggie,please tell the owner of CMY that most of his stuff are overpriced and the salesmen in Penang need training on treating customers well.They are always rude[3.5k for RGPC 400 pro? Please.....]

Andrew Saw said...

I would agree on the bad treatment of customers from Penang CMY branch. That made me buy my Naim CD5X from CMY KL..

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Recently I've purchased Usher Be-715(Tiny Dancer) after I saw it in CMY Jusco One Utama. I've read the reviews how good these speakers are. So I can't resist the temptation and when I saw one alive, wow it was so beautiful. The craftmanship is gorgeous, out of this world. Some even compare it with Sonus Faber. I was a bit skeptical earlier but after 2 weeks, I can't say anything bad about it. I've been using Wharfedale Diamond 7.1 and recently Paradigm Studio Reference 60 v3. These two speakers can't compete with Usher(not to say they are no good). The treble is so delicate yet detail(due to the berrylium tweeter). The bass so deep that you think you have a subwoofer installed. Soundstage is comparable with floorstanding. I wish I can say more but that's it. You have to listen to know. Although it's not cheap(below 10K) but I think it's worthwhile. Well regarding CMY charging more, it depends on your spending habits. I've been dealing with CMY twice before(Jusco One Utama-Usher & Sunway Piramid-2 units RPG 400) and I think their salesmen are very friendly(David & Richard). They are not prejudice & sincere enough in entertaining me (believe me when I say 'prejudice' as I've treated bad before by 'other hifi salesman' due to my appearance). They simply ignore me and treat me as I don't have the means to buy their stuffs. That is what happen in CMY Penang(my wife was very pissed with 'that salesman'). So to square thing, I device a plan(simply to irritate 'that salesman'). I ordered the Usher from David in Jusco 1 Utama and decided to pay them in CMY Penang. I just wanted to have a look on 'that salesman's face when I did that. Well, I got the message across. He pleaded that next time I don't have to go to KL to buy but can always come here. Sorry to say but in million years, uncle. And I choose CMY because they offer 0% instalment(I don't have much cash as other people). It's a facility for people like me. There it goes. Sorry for the long entry.

rock said...

I first heard the Usher flagship many years ago in singapore,when it is very little known then.

The sound was astounding and very very musical.

I agree that PSB may make better 'value' but the Ushers are just so beutiful!!!!

jimmyloh said...

I have no problem at all the fact that Usher is from Taiwan:

1]Taiwan is the hub for high quality wires.So I am sure the wires are of better quality than similarly priced western unit.

2]capacitors and crossovers are also of immense quality.These are rhe pulse of loudspeakers,

Look at the products.How beutiful.....and I am sure if you take your wife along,she would approve[PSB has a serious issue with regards to aesthetics.]

CHlim said...

How lucky for CMY to get custumors response via this blog!!

I was in Penang not so long ago and was just browsing in my sandals and shorts...I know exactly what these people meant about CMY penang customer's service.I remember an Arab couple asking about some amplifier and was abused verbally [no kidding!!!!]for being ignorant.

I of corse walk out quietly before it was my turn to get attack...

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hey guys,

i can assure you that john yew (cmy's boss) is reading this ;-)

thanks for the comments.

Saleem said...

Nice challenge by CMY but quite sad when there was no such frenzy in the hifi retail world when our very own local giant killer in the guise of Fine Audio Tech's FAT One was in the market... Man.. were they great speakers... sub 1k, great sound, beautiful piano finish..what more could one ask for... RIP FAT...

bart said...

I must plead ignorance about the sp you mentioned.

There you go,I would consider myself pretty hardcore,but Malaysian companies have to learn a lot about marketing.

Image do play an important part in hi-fi,IMO sometime ,more than sonic attributes.How else can you explain the success of Wilson Audio?