if early sales figures and accolades are indicative of an album's early success, then 2V1G is already a "small" unqualified winner. thanks audiophiles and music lovers, you show that you would not hesitate to support a local production provided it is a sincere and a good one.

i was extremely exhausted from taking all the orders online for the past 4 days but there is a deep satisfaction within me that tells me that i have done something right and good for the industry. this time, my satisfaction equals that of starting music exchange (my 2nd hand CD store in 1998-2006), and surpassing that of starting av xpress, hifi exchange, music matters... all these biz ventures take a back seat when it comes to something that relates to music. yes, music quenches my artistic thirst and makes me dream big.

a lady friend left me disgusted when she said blatantly, "frankly, i can't appreciate all these you are doing but to me, the most important thing is - do you make money from it?". if one makes music with money in mind then in all likelihood he will fail because his music would smell/stink of money. forgive her, she is merely a typical woman on the street.

even more premature is my distributor's suggestion to submit 2V1G for this year's AIM award (anugerah industri muzik, the local equivalent of the grammy's award). "you are not kidding", i told him.

but one thing for sure, with this kind of support, we could do gigs in places like no black tie. well, let's see how it goes.

i need a rest. i am not thinking much ahead. i am a simple bloke. i am happy i get to live my dreams. money, fame, recognition, success, status - if they do come - would be bonuses for me.

now, let me listen to my maggie and mull on my next dream to create a live gig venue for 2V1G and other talented local artistes. now, that would be some kind of dream, wouldn't you agree?


hifikaki said...


you should take a deserved break on a nice island (which we have many), then come back with all guns blazing!

Finally I could listen to 2V1G in my system last night. Wow! major goosebump galore, man.

My current fav tracks, in order:
1. tempting hearts (track 4)
2. coming home (track 1)
3. crying (track 11)
Still checking out the whole album...

Even my wife commented that the song selections and performance were lovely. That was a rare endorsement of anything I put on my system.

It would be great if others could share their listening experience of 2v1g here.

GCK said...
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built62 said...

thanks; it was kind of you to hand me the cds at amcorp mall this morning. must be tiring running around making the deliveries...

good recording and vocal!

keep up the good stuff coming!!!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi built62,

you are welcome. when you are doing something for the passion of it, you won't mind the tiredness!

thanks for buying multiple copies. hope one day this becomes a collector's item and you can sell it in ebay for many times higher ;-)

GCK said...

I enjoyed the following tracks;

Track 2 - snowy love
Track 4 - tempting hearts
Track 7 - airport at 10.30
Track 9 - liking you
Track 11 - crying

Track 7 has very good PRAT
Recording is very good. All the feelings and emotions came through but if I want to nit pick, it would be the hiss in the background is quite high. Probably sound from the aircond or something not totally dead quiet.