today i invited a panel of judges (who came to my house consecutively) to review both the sonic and musical attributes of 2v1g album. the judges were hifi kaki, master ken and ringo - all highly discerning audiophiles with good ears.

without much surprises, the three gave a resounding thumbs-up to 2v1g, praising the excellent recording quality as well as the performance of the singers. here's what they said in gist:

master ken : "this will sell like hot cakes."

ringo : "most audiophile CDs emphasize on technical attributes (the recording) and the singers normally don't have souls and emotions. 2v1g have both."

hifi kaki : "...." (speechless)

Once in a while, an album comes along that changes your perception of how pop music can be played. You have all heard it in the grapevine and the moment is here - the launch of 2V1G's debut album!

2V1G is the brainchild of producer Leslie Loh and Chow Kam Leong. It is an acoustic trio that plays classic Mandarin love songs in a simple 2-voices 1-guitar format. Roger Wang (the Guitarist), Winnie Ho (the Vocalist) and Regine Tai (the Vocalist) combined to create a sound that is both refreshing and heart-warming.

This is a pop/audiophile crossover album - the first of its kind in Malaysia. Recorded using the legendary AKG C12VR microphone and mastered by Keith Yip from Hong Kong, the mastering engineer for HK Audiophile Diva, Susan Wong.

The CD is pressed in Hong Kong by Sony DADC, one of the top CD duplication factories in HK. It is an imported CD, priced at the normal standard CD price of RM39.90.

2V1G CDs will also be distributed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and possibly Thailand. Just how many debut album, a Malaysia-made album no less, can go international? We are so proud.

With all these credentials, how could you not buy a copy and listen?

For online order and complete info on 2V1G, please visit our bilingual blog

[latest update]
orders start coming in as soon as i posted this blog. thanks for the support, malaysian audiophiles! we are proud to be the first malaysian audiophile CD that breaks into the international chinese market.

those who buy 2v1g because of roger wang, please don't expect the same flamboyant and "busy" style of guitaring as roger did in double take and no strings attached. as i have said before, roger wang has evolved into a more versatile player. in 2v1g, he plays in a mellower and heartfelt manner more suited to chinese ballads. it is a new roger wang like you have never heard him before. ultimately, the emphasis in on female voices and our two beautiful voices are equally impressive.

we have sold close to 120 copies of the 300 autographed copies, so if you want the autographed copies, please hurry up! ;-)


GCK said...

Leslie, congrats on the highly anticipated launch of 2V1G. Wish it will be a sellout.

hifikaki said...

Yes, big congratulations on the launch of 2V1G. Both music lovers and audiophiles are going to absolutely enjoy this.

canto fanatics said...

This album is getting the attention from people from finance and investment sector as well.

Need to say more:)

Ken said...

I love most of the songs but the first track just bowls me over.