zest audio - classy and tasteful audio saloon

holfi driving dali helicon

can you spot the tall and handsome dali megaline?

young and friendly - ah bee, the proprietor

can hifi business be conducted in a low-key manner? what are the brands that can be considered as low-profile?

this dealer has been doing his business quietly and humbly for the last 8 years, away from the politics and attention of the regular audiophiles.

bee wu, or ah bee, for those who know him, from zest audio, located in city square, is one dealer who is unassuming, humble and honest in his business. even the brands he carries reflect the kind of personality in him. holfi, dali, j.c.verdier, ortofon and transfiguration aren't exactly hot names in hifi. i mean, they don't come to your mind immediately if you need to shop for new hifi. but they all have their staunch following all over the world. dali, in partcular, has been gaining momentum in the USA, after many rave reviews of their top-line megaline and helicon speakers.

zest audio, if ever needs a change of name, should be called "danish statement" because their holfi and dali line of products really do make a synergistic match. holfi, in particular, is very cool about its design philosophy. it never follows trends or hypes; it just quietly goes about with its business. their zero-feedback, single-ended and battery-powered solid state amps are known for their robustness and lively sound. dali, in recent years, has also gained popularity in malaysia for the helicon series of loudspeakers which uses carbon-wooden cone and hybrid tweeters.

besides speakers and amps, ah bee is also an expert in all things analogue. which explains why he does well with his j.c.verdier turntable, and ortofon and transfiguration cartridges. turntable tuning and adjustment is a tricky business and ah bee habitually helps his customers tune their turntables for a small fee.

many audiophiles have complained about snooty dealers in malaysia but it doesn't apply on ah bee. if you want a dealer who can become your consultant as well as you hifi buddy, he is a safe bet. zest audio also offers AV consultation and interior design for audio rooms and room acoustics treatment.

if you are the kind who believes that hi-fi should be personal, low-key and away from the loud and snooty crowd, then by all means, visit zest audio and you will fall in love with it.

please contact:
bee wu (012-2187677)
zest audio


km ng said...

Hi Les,

Yes, I've known Bee since his Wisma Audio days and he's exactly what you described.

Low key and professional in doing his job.

Highly recommended!

keong said...

yes agree, one of the best hifi dealer in Malaysia.