this cd almost made me cry. maybe that is because my grandma just passed away last weekend or maybe i am just too sensitive over lowell's sincerity in his music.

lowell lo (lo kun ting), a cantopop singer-songwriter known more for his compositions than his voice, recorded this best-of cd in mostly unplugged format after a lapse of 18 years. despite the short duration of the cd (7 songs and 16 minutes only), lowell sings in the most heartfelt manner that touches my heart in ways most singers can't.

indeed, the best cantopop was made in the 80s and lowell lo's music would forever stay in the hall of fame of cantopop. including in this repertoire are mega hits he composed for george lam and the late danny chan. since there is no cd inlay, you must therefore watch the accompanying dvd and understand why lowell made this cd and why he wept during the recording of the song "pui cheok nei chau" (walk with you). there are many touching moments to savour.

looking at the current chinese music scene (both cantopop and mandopop), one can't help but sigh in resignation with the fact the chinese pop music has degenerated into such lows. music like lowell's is so simple, sincere and melodious that any listener with a bit of music sense would know how appreciate it. today's singers should all learn from lowell on how to sing from their hearts.

recording is good in the minimalist sense. 5 of the songs are unplugged with lowell and his guitar only. the other 2 have piano and cello accompaniment.

this cd is reserved for connoisuers - music that touches your deepest soul, makes you cry in total compassion, is indeed rare to find. this is but one exemplary cd.

highly recommended.

music: 10/10
sonics: 7/10


km ng said...

Dear Les,

My heartfelt condolences to you on the demise of your beloved grandma.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

thanks, km.