now this is something that will either excite or incense all ls3/5a lovers in the world - a china-made ls3/5a!

is it a classic reborn or a classic copied?
story to come...


Anonymous said...

Aha, it's Ho's LS35A.

km ng said...

The LS3/5a is the grand lady of all mini monitors.

Conceived more than 30 years ago based on good engineering and acoustical principles and actual listening tests, the LS3/5a will pleasantly surprise you with its breathtaking vocals, imaging, soundstaging and its reproduction of the tone of acoustical instruments, when played within its parameters.

When you listen to the LS3/5a, leave all the prejudices you may have on the speaker outside the listening room and come in and listen with an open mind.

When played with a suitable tube amp, you'll understand the EQ and Mother of Tone I was talking about.

Imitated, copied, cloned, resurrected, revived, reborned or whatever - all these are the sincerest forms of flattery to a great classic.